“Video Games Can Help Us Approach Modern Issues Such as Transphobia,” Says a Transgender

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2019

The American border is not the only thing getting raped by the Hordes of Chaos. There’s a blight creeping into our gaming culture too.


As someone who’s played video games for as long as I can remember, I know their power shouldn’t be underestimated.

Not only are they fun to play, but they can also help us understand complicated modern issues and foster understanding towards people that are different to us.

It’s always about the globohomo agenda with these degenerates. Everything has to have at least a bit of this social engineering. Video games, movies, TV series, novels, and school, why not? Just sprinkle some faggotry everywhere.

Game developers have realised women and underrepresented groups deserve more than being helpless plot devices or objects of desire, and audiences are growing way beyond the remit of the stereotypical gamer.

Women are literally helpless plot devices and objects of desire. The plot is reproduction, the continuation of our species and of our people. The only agency women have is the one we’ve given them.

If we tell them no then it’s no. What are they going to do? Resist? With their amazing physical strength?

A recent report revealed that 45 per cent of gamers are women – causing many in the industry to make a serious commitment towards inclusivity.

Yeah, most of those are trannies. Even if they’re real wholesome wet-able front-holes, who cares? If gaming was really a male-dominated and male-oriented space as they say, and women somehow got in… then…? What is the issue with gaming continuing to be male-dominated and male-oriented? If women got in, they were attracted to the male-oriented nature of it.

They’re trying to fix something that doesn’t need fixing, and ruining it in the process.

Editor's Note: I don't know which study they're referring to specifically, but all of these studies say that the "female gamer" plays cellphone games, more or less exclusively. Those games do not have storylines or "gender dynamics." It is just a fake statistic. They are trying to imply women are sitting around playing shooter, strategy and RPG games and that isn't true and won't ever be true. Because biology. -AA

When it comes down to the positive depiction of transgender characters in games, the examples are few and far in between. One of the more positive ones include Cremisius Aclassi (or Krem) in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

You don’t even find out that Krem is trans until long after you meet him, as he is accepted as the man that he is by other characters in the game, without question. If you start misgendering him or ask clunky questions after you find out, other characters will correct you, and explain things to you an informative way.

However, if you keep doing it, you risk losing approval from other characters.

Krem took testosterone potions to transition.

Conditioning players to accept faggotry.

But Krem isn’t interesting because he’s trans – that’s probably the least interesting thing about him. Krem is second-in-command of a badass mercenary group that aids you in the game, and he quickly captivates the gamer with his highly likable personality and sarcastic sense of humour.

These “feminist” types love to talk about how gaming is full of male power fantasies but what is this Krem story supposed to be?

Who would have thought trans people could be interesting for reasons other than being trans?

Maybe if they stopped making everything about their genitals they’d have something interesting to talk about, maybe. It would depend on how talkative the demon possessing them is.

His story is expansive and more about his personality and impressive achievements. There is even a brief love story that happens for Krem at the camp, which continues to send the message that trans people should be respected and are worthy of love.

And that’s what makes video games so powerful.

Games can help us approach modern issues such as transphobia, sexism, ableism, racism and mental health, and foster empathy and understanding of people who are different to us.

“Hey guys I just discovered that we can use video games to socially engineer people and we should definitely take over the gaming industry to push for degeneracy.”

They’d really love for young men to have nowhere to run.

Diversity in gaming isn’t about ‘political correctness’ or ‘pushing the gay agenda’, but more about people wanting to see themselves in video games. These games are already pushing an agenda in an industry that sadly includes misogynists, people who are queerphobic and the far-right.

These people are really insane. I’ll hammer this point one more time:

If they dislike gaming culture so much, why did they get in?

This is the same as people that hate us flooding our countries. They say white people are evil, that the West is evil, but they flood white people’s countries anyways and proceed to work towards turning them into the shit-holes they come from.

If they wanted in it is because they liked it, and they liked it because we made it. If they take over, they won’t like it anymore, because the thing that attracted them won’t be there anymore. If they think they can make a better “gaming culture” then they should fuck off from ours and go work on their ethnostate, trannystate, or whatever.

Really, just fuck off.

Those experiencing diversity as an imbalance should perhaps ask themselves why it makes them uncomfortable.

If they really dig deep, I am sure they’ll find it has has little do with ‘political correctness going mad’, and a lot more to do with privilege.

Privilege is a good thing. Our ancestors worked very hard for us to have our privilege. Of course we like our privilege. We love having our countries, built by our forefathers, being the best countries ever with everyone in the world wanting to come here. We love having our video games, built by our autists, being targeted at us, with stories that engage us, about subjects that matter to us.

Of course we don’t want our countries to be invaded, flooded by the untermensch, and of course we don’t want our video games invaded by degenerates. Of course we want to protect our culture. Of course we want to protect our people.

If anyone has a problem with that then it’s time for them to fuck off.

This is our world. We worked very hard for it. Our grandfathers and their grandfathers worked very hard for this. All of our people worked very hard for us to have this.

Our blood is our privilege, and we won’t let anyone take it away.