VIDEOS: Ultra-Violent Portland Protests were More Peaceful Than Last Time (I Guess)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 18, 2019

The events in Portland on Saturday were “relatively peaceful.”

Actually, they were ultra-violent.

But even Fox is reporting on this like “oh yeah, protesters were separated, there were a couple of incidents, but everything was pretty much fine.”

Fox News:

The mayor of Portland, Ore. said late Saturday that his city had avoided the “worst-case scenario” after members of far-right groups and far-left members of Antifa held dueling demonstrations in the center of the city that lasted for hours on end.

“Given the continuing movement and the number of people involved, I am grateful that this was a largely peaceful event,” Mayor Ted Wheeler told reporters. “Police did an exemplary job of de-escalating the situation, keeping the extremists on both sides separate for the most part, and of limiting interactions between individuals.”

At least 13 people were arrested. Police Chief Danielle Outlaw said at a press conference that possible charges against those arrested include disorderly conduct, interfering with police, resisting arrest, possession of a weapon in a park and unlawful use of a weapon.

Wait, the police chief’s name is “Danielle Outlaw”?


That sounds like some kind of Kabbalistic word magic.

Earlier in the day, police tweeted images of weapons it had seized from multiple groups, including bear spray, shields and metal and wooden poles.

“At this time, we know of six force-events involving officers,” Outlaw said. “There was one instance where an officer deployed pepper balls. The other instances involved take-downs or control against resistance.”

Six people suffered minor injuries and one of them was taken to a local hospital. Another individual was treated for a medical condition unrelated to the demonstrations, police spokeswoman Lt. Tina Jones said.

Flag-waving members of the Proud Boys and Three Percenters militia group began gathering late in the morning, some wearing body armor and helmets. Meanwhile, black-clad, helmet and mask-wearing Antifa members were also among the several hundred people on the streets. The groups gathered on both sides of the Willamette River, which runs through the city.

Authorities used sound trucks and loudspeakers to remind demonstrators of both sides to stay out of the streets or they would be arrested. They also set up concrete barriers and closed streets and bridges in an effort to contain and separate the rival groups.

Roughly 700 law enforcement officials from local, state and federal agencies, including the FBI, were in the city for the right-wing rally, which was expected to draw people from across the country. Portland Police said all of the city’s 1,000 officers would be on duty for the gathering that was hyped on social media and elsewhere for weeks.

Not all who gathered Saturday were with right-wing groups or Antifa. Also on hand were people dressed in colorful outfits and those who attended a nearby prayer service, holding signs that had slogans such as “No Trump, No NRA.”

Police formed a physical barricade beneath the Morrison Bridge in Tom McCall Waterfront Park to separate the rival groups from sparring. The Proud Boys and their supporters were on the south side of the divide while the counter-protesters remained on the north side, according to reports by The Oregonian.

I guess that incident with Andy Ngo at the end of June was such bad press that the police are actually trying to do something to fix the optics on these riots.

Before the event, President Trump warned Portland he was watching.

Though I don’t think that was why the police decided to do their job.

I think it had more to do with a push to clean some of this stuff up before the election. The media defends Antifa and covers up their terrorist behavior, but that situation with Andy really blew up.

Andy covered Saturday’s event (though I don’t think he actually attended it), and cataloged some of the violence that did take place.

It’s funny that this is now considered “relatively peaceful.”

Because this was a friggin’ circus.

Some Highlights

Tranny loses his shit when he sees a Mexican reporter wearing an American flag:

Black people doing black stuff:

Black guy thinks Antifa woman is working with the other white people, because they all be white:

It dawns on black guy that White Jesus won’t save him:

Black guy confronts gay white man over his spirit energy:

Black guy is finally arrested:

A unicorn (these terrorists are also gay and this is what gay terrorism looks like):

This guy allegedly brandished a gun before the police grabbed him:

Crowd tries to deal with small man with a baton:

“Nazi Nazi Nazi, out out out”:

Police allow man to get weird substances thrown on him:

That guy in the Roman helmet with the Star of David on it is attacked along with some little girl:

Fatboy Antifa falls over while attacking a school bus:

Fatboy Antifa attacks another bus, hits people with hammers:

(All of these Antifa are super out of shape, no?)

These boomers apparently didn’t know what they were in for when they went out to support America in the streets of America (this one is intense):

Mob chases fascists (NAZIS) down the street, catches them and tries to beat them with bats:

Watch him try to hit the guy with that baton in the second video and actually throw it. These people really have zero understanding at all of violence. It’s incredible, how faggy and goofy they are trying to commit these acts. All of these fatboys just out there spazzing out. Imagine if white people were allowed to fight back.

Sloppy fat bitch menacing police with a bat:

Portland police finally escape the Antifa that the city’s mayor says they can’t fight:

Crazy times.

And this is a warning: it’s only a matter of time before the whole country looks like this.

And the police will continue to protect these Antifa people. If certain cities try to stand up to them, then the feds will come in.

These gross fat people in their black costumes are being organized by the feds themselves in order to shut down free assembly in this country. That is the purpose of these people. That is why not one of them is ever prosecuted, even if they’re arrested. This is an organized agenda, by the FBI itself.

After watching all those videos, I’m wondering if it isn’t time to stop saying the f-word.