Vienna: Two Men with “Foreign Accents” Rob Church, Injure Numerous Monks

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2018

A dozen monks versus two attackers, and the attackers won?

I thought monks were supposed to be good with their fists.

Have RPGs been lying to me all these years?

Anyway, this wasn’t too bad. Just a robbery, goyim.

These foreign gents just happened to target a spiritual institution of the European people. Had a mosque been around, they would have robbed that instead.


Austrian’s capital has been rocked by an unprecedentedly brazen burglary, after two suspects stormed a monastery church in the northern part of Vienna and robbed it, leaving about a dozen monks injured.

The crime occurred in broad daylight; the perpetrators broke into the Church of Maria Immaculata in Vienna’s district of Floridsdorf around 13:30 local time (12:30 GMT), police said in a statement.

The robbery lasted for hours, they reported, adding that police have also found “tied and [in some instances] heavily injured” monks only three hours later.

A large-scale manhunt was launched following the incident as major police forces were deployed to the scene as the area around the church was cordoned off. The officers also asked local residents to avoid the area and “let [our] colleagues do their job.”

In a follow-up statement, the police said that at least one of the attackers “demanded valuables and cash” from the monks. The investigators also said they are not treating the incident as a terrorist attack while also admitting that the exact motives behind the robbery are “still unclear.”

The suspects are still on the run, their identities unknown. Soeroes described one of the suspects as a 5.9-feet tall man with dark hair. “Both men speak German and have a foreign accent,” the police spokesman said.