Virginia is a Total Circus – Blackface, Blackface, Black Rapist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 8, 2019

Virginia is officially in a state of complete and total circusism.

The white governor got called out on doing blackface 35 years ago, then the black lieutenant governor got called out for forcing a woman to give him a blowjob and then the white state attorney general – who is the third in line to replace the governor – said he also did blackface and should maybe resign.

So you’re in a situation where all of the three top guys in the state could be removed.


But here’s the thing: the speaker of the house of delegates is the next in line to become governor, and he’s a Republican. So it’s possible that after the first two guys had their positions jeopardized, the third guy came out and volunteered the information that he also did blackface, so that anyone calling for any of them to resign is calling for all of them to resign and thus make a Republican governor.

New York Times:

Virginia braced on Thursday for sustained political upheaval as the crisis of personal conduct that has engulfed the state government’s three leading officials showed no sign of ending.

Although two of the Democratic officials — Governor Ralph Northam, who on Saturday admitted to using blackface in 1984, and Lt. Gov. Justin E. Fairfax, who has been accused of a sexual assault in 2004 — have indicated that they will not resign, Attorney General Mark R. Herring, also a Democrat, has suggested that he could quit after acknowledging Wednesday that he, too, had once worn blackface.

At midday Thursday, the allegations involving racist history spread to Republicans for the first time when The Virginian-Pilot reported that Senate majority leader Thomas K. Norment Jr. helped oversee a Virginia Military Institute yearbook that featured racist photographs and slurs, including blackface.

Mr. Norment, who has been a state senator since 1992, was managing editor of the yearbook, called The Bomb, in 1968, the Pilot reported. The paper said that on one page of the yearbook, a student poses in blackface at a party, while another page features a photograph of two men in blackface holding a football.


It really seems like that in Virginia, if someone is older than 30, they were probably involved in something that would now be considered racist.

So I guess the only thing to do is to elect blacks. Except you can’t do that, because the blacks all have sex scandals.

Mr. Northam, whose staff and political advisers have been working around the clock since this story erupted on Friday afternoon, has hired a Washington-based communications firm led by African-Americans to help him weather the gravest challenge of his political career. The company’s chairman, Jarvis C. Stewart, was hoping to sit down Thursday with the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has come to Richmond to discuss racial reconciliation at Virginia Union University, a historically black college here.

Some in Mr. Northam’s circle are hoping to have the spouses of the three Democrats begin talking in an effort to alleviate tensions between the leaders at a time of unremitting scrutiny.

Nationally, Democrats proceeded gingerly on the accusations that a California professor, Dr. Vanessa C. Tyson, leveled against Mr. Fairfax, stating that her claims should be taken seriously but calling for an investigation rather than Mr. Fairfax’s resignation.

“I thought her story was deeply disturbing and credible so there must be an investigation,” Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a 2020 presidential candidate who was one of the first major Democrats to call for the ouster of former Senator Al Franken, said on a podcast Wednesday night.

Senator Kamala Harris, another presidential hopeful, called Dr. Tyson’s claims “credible” and said there should be an inquiry.

Kirsten is the assassin.

She believes all women, no matter what. Whereas most of these people only believe women that are accusing Republicans.

She will even believe women accusing black men, which is literally racist. By the most normal definition of racism it is racist, because she is expecting black people to be held to the same standards as white people. Saying black people shouldn’t be allowed to sexually harass women is no different than saying blacks should have to score as high as white people to get into university.

Kamala is only saying this because Kirsten said it first. They are in a race against each other for president, you know.

Mr. Fairfax, who has regularly stopped to speak with reporters in recent days, rushed through the State Capitol on Thursday morning. Ignoring questions about Ms. Tyson, he said only that he was headed to a Senate session and that he had spoken with Mr. Northam.

Mr. Norment, a powerful Republican, emerged from a caucus meeting of Senate Republicans just before 1:30, but ignored questions about the V.M.I. yearbook from dozens of reporters who followed him to the Senate chamber where the Capitol police ushered him in.

He was in a more jovial mood on Wednesday night, when he encountered reporters after the revelations about Mr. Herring and Mr. Fairfax and joked that he may be governor before long, though he is not the first Republican in the line of succession.

Mr. Sharpton, appearing at the hastily arranged discussion at Virginia Union, called forcefully for Mr. Northam and Mr. Herring to resign, saying, “If you sin, you must repent for the sin.”

Regarding Mr. Fairfax, Mr. Sharpton cautioned against conflating the sexual assault claim against the lieutenant governor with the admission of wearing blackface by the governor and Mr. Herring. Mr. Sharpton said that there should be an investigation into the accusations against Mr. Fairfax and that both Dr. Tyson and the lieutenant governor should be respected during the process.


Yeah, blackface is worse than forcing a woman to give you a blowjob.

The bitch was in his hotel.

And she’s a black bitch.

I assume he probably did “force” her to some degree or other, but isn’t that just a part of negro mating behavior?

It’s their cultural heritage – vibrant and diverse and so on and so forth.

It actually makes more sense that it was a forced blowjob than if it was a penetration situation, given what I know about black culture.

King Louie says “I like pussy but I prefer dome.”

Please note that I don’t know much about King Louie. I just heard him on a Chief Keef track. Keef I listen to because he be repping the midwest. Plus he says that he is finin to raise the murder rate in Chicago every time he drops an album, which might be the funniest and blackest thing ever.

That nigga black as hell too, lookin like he came straight outta Kony 2012.

Imagine bringing millions of people from primitive jungle tribes to modern metropolitan cities and just letting them loose on the streets – and then calling for the native population to have their guns taken away because the tribals started tribal wars with each other.

Anyway – whatever.

I’m not even going to touch any of this crap.

The funniest thing would be if they were all three forced to resign. But setting a standard that blackface is racist even though it wasn’t racist before is pretty extreme. It would only apply as a rule to Democrats – except that Republicans are jumping on this bandwagon and going all in. Which means that it will now apply to them too.

And this doesn’t end.

I am absolutely not joking when I say that today, on February 8, 2019, there are people who are 22 who could be fired for making fun of trannies in high school in a way that was completely socially appropriate at the time they did it 5 years ago.

And they’re obviously going to keep adding things onto this list. You’re going to have a situation where everyone can be fired for something. And you add in the fact that they had to dig up this picture by having his yearbook printed – for younger people, it is all on the internet.

But whatever. I don’t really care if everyone in the government gets fired for something or other.