Virtually All Liberal Sites Killing Comments Sections

Andrew Angin
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2015

Shut it down! Shut it all down!
Shut it down! Shut it all down!

The BBC has a piece up about how more and more news sites are shutting their comments sections down because they are losing control of their own narrative.

Vibrant online communities? Or cesspools of abuse? Have comments had their day?

The debate about comment sections on news sites is often as divisive as the comments themselves. Recently outlets such as The Verge and The Daily Dot have closed their comments sections because they’ve become too hard to manage. And they’re far from alone. Moderating comments is a full-time job (or several full-time jobs) at many news organisations. Officiating comments on a BBC News story requires knowledge of more than a dozen different disqualifying categories. Alongside shouting, swearing and incivility, comment sections can also attract racism and sexism. BBC Trending recently found evidence of the latter when looking at live streaming app Periscope.

For the record, I have never had a problem managing my comments section. Except for the thing with people calling for violence or violent acts, I let people say what they want, and it all seems to work out.

Our narrative controls itself because we are right. The only reason you would need to shut down comments is if you were pushing ideas which blatantly conflicted with reality. And of course, this is the case with all mainstream Jew media, and the reason that even those who still have comments sections engage in such heavy censorship.

Recently, liberal blog has been considering shutting the bitch down because of all the anti-Semitism and racism their comments section is getting flooded with following the Jonestown massacre.


  1. It was already happening, and I was reading similar article long time ago.

  2. good. no one is going to read news sites without comment sections

  3. “Let’s have a conversation….”

  4. My personal policy is, if I cannot
    comment on a web site, I delete the web site from my favorites list.

    Newsnet14, immigration watch dog, and
    meany more web sites were stopped, I am 99% sure that the Khazar Jews
    had a hand in the closing of these web site’s, it’s the Jews, stupid!

  5. For a History of Liberals silencing public opinion, just see Communist-Empire for their play book on genociding indigenous population groups.
    For none are more racist then Liberals themselves.

  6. But I thought new technology would produce new jobs. You can get a dindu to look for the words kill, Israel and Jews for $10/hr.

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