VIVA BOLSONARO: Brazilians Cheer as Cops Drag Corpse of Drug Dealer They Just Killed Into a Pick-Up Truck Bed!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2018

Here you can see a Negroid (or whatever – some brown creature) drug dealer who just got put down by the Brazilian national police getting dragged into the bed of a pick-up truck.

The people are shouting “VIVA BOLSONARO.”

Jair Bolsonaro is the newly-elected President of Brazil, who has promised a bloodbath on the streets of the nation, clearing out the criminal filth in the name of the people.

We officially have a Philippines-tier situation beginning in Brazil, where criminal animals get no trial, just bullets, and the people cheer.

The joy of a population witnessing the death of its nation’s enemies, seeing a bloody, bullet-riddled corpse, and instead of feeling disgust, feeling pure joy, is a beautiful thing to witness.

In the West, we have been so viciously socially engineered that we have become faggotized to the point where the sight of a corpse disgusts us. But in truth, there should be nothing more joyous than the sight of the bullet-ridden corpse of an enemy of the people.

And there is no greater enemy to the people than the drug dealer (nb4 Jews), who spreads poison to the youth and turns the entire society into a chaotic wreck.

I say:



And it is my deepest desire that some day I will see the corpses of my enemies on the street of my own country, and be able to stand with my brothers, with united joy in our hearts and scream:


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