VOG is Real! Insane Swedish Hags Want to Ban Meat-Based Pet Food

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 25, 2019

Chillun, chillun. Gather ’round.

Let me tell you about a little something called “The Slippery Slope.”

You’ve probably heard this term already, almost invariably used in the context of the “Slippery Slope Fallacy.”

But it is all too real.


Hyper-progressive Sweden is a bastion of environmentalism and veganism, but a Swedish professor is now drawing ridicule for suggesting that pet owners should feed their dogs a vegetarian diet, all in the name of saving the planet.

Reducing CO2 emissions and recycling packaging have long been understood as important steps towards curbing climate change. However, the environmental lobby has recently begun to target meat consumption too. A widely publicized report in October argued that beef consumption in Western countries needs to fall by 90 percent to avoid climate catastrophe. Another equally apocalyptic report from the EAT-Lancet commission, released last week, recommended that meat and dairy consumption be drastically reduced worldwide. 

It starts out as a suggestion.

“Perhaps, you might consider feeding your pets CO2-neutral foods, please?”

Then, when a small mass of people starts doing it, it becomes snobbery.

“Oh, you don’t feed your pets vegan food?

Lol, EBT doesn’t cover vegan cat food. What a loser!

The peer pressure eventually increases to the point that the group feels that it can start throwing its weight around.

“Join us in our march to pressure irresponsible pet food manufacturers!”

Which eventually translates into new laws and policies being introduced.

“We demand a tax on meat-based pet food to save the planet and get greedy monsters (pet food companies) to stop benefitting off of slaughter!”

And then outright bans and stigmatization of previously orthodox views on pet food.

“It’s kind of weird that you feed your dog leftover meat, don’t you know that dogs are actually vegans and that it was the White male patriarchy that forced them to eat meat?”

^this is about the point where your regular normie pet owner belatedly sits up and takes notice of the alarming lack of meat-based pet-food in the stores.

At this point, someone has to come right out and say it, so it may as well be me.

The Vegan Occupation Government is real and its end goal is this: to get us all on worm food by the year 2049. 

Even our pets…

They want them to be unhealthy and weak as well.

Because these sick dogoodniks won’t stop until they’ve completely subverted and destroyed everything natural and good in this world.

Just look at the face of this hag behind the plot against your doggo. Let it sear itself into your eyeballs.

This is the face of mundane evil. Of banal monstrosity. Glazed eyes hidden behind non-threatening specs and thin lips that almost seem afraid of themselves, and scurry away to the side of her mouth as she speaks. She is aggressively masculine and unremarkable at first glance, considering how ugly she really is upon closer inspection. You want to pity her almost.

But then you remember that the torture she inflicts on her pets is nothing compared to what she and her kind want to inflict on you and your kind. In a non-aggressive, reasonable and non-threatening way, of course.

Until you fail to comply and that’s when the ReasonablePolice come a’knocking.

Big Brother? More like Big Hen. This is the face that’s going to shove the boot into your neck and tell you how its all for your own good… and for the good of the planet.