Volvo Abandons Sweden, HQ in Gothenburg Too Culturally Enriched!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 13, 2019

Globo-Corpo-Shlomo is starting to cannibalize itself.

And it has begun in Sweden, where it is getting absolutely crazy!


The head of the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has created quite a stir at home, saying that his company struggles to attract foreign specialists due to the lack of public security and may be considering moving elsewhere.

Speaking to the daily Svenska Dagbladet, Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson lamented the fact that the auto manufacturer has been gradually losing its appeal to foreign tech experts and engineers, as well as top managers. The problem, according to him, partly lies in the fact that the specialists are reluctant to move to Sweden’s second largest city of Gothenburg, where Volvo’s headquarters are located, because of the arguably high crime rate.

This doesn’t make sense.

Volvo should be making money hand over fist in Sweden.

Swedes have to buy new cars once a year because the migrants burn them down periodically throughout the year. This is because these migrants are all engineers, doctors, and economists who understand Keynesian economics and the need to periodically break things so that these things can be remade and boost the GDP!

This is the economic miracle that was promised!

“We are building cars, we cannot solve this problem,” Samuelsson told SvD. “Yet, one can still point out that this problem does exist.” Among the other issues he mentioned were the lack of affordable housing and schools.

The Volvo CEO even mentioned that the company might potentially consider moving its headquarters somewhere else – probably even out of Sweden – if this situation does not change. He hastened to say that Volvo is not considering such possibility just yet, but he would not completely rule it out in the future.

Samuelsson’s words provoked an angry reaction from Gothenburg police chief Erik Nord, who dismissed them as “unfair.”

The general situation in the city is not that bad, he said, explaining that something that is seen as “normal” elsewhere somehow gets “undeservedly great attention” in Sweden. 

It’s normal behavior in Somalia, so why are people so concerned about Sweden exhibiting similar behavior? Erik Nord doesn’t understand why Swedes don’t want to live in the city that he has allowed to descend into chaos and anarchy on his watch!