Wacko Jew Terrorist Joshua Goldberg Attempted to Infiltrate the Daily Stormer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2015

One-time Daily Stormer contributor "Michael Slay" was in fact a Jewish infiltrator and terrorist Joshua Goldberg
One-time Daily Stormer contributor “Michael Slay” was in fact Jewish infiltrator and terrorist Joshua Goldberg

Weird things happen constantly these days, but this may in fact be the weirdest thing which has ever happened. Certainly the weirdest thing that I have ever been personally sucked into.

A Jew from Florida was just arrested for telling Moslems to blow things up, and showing them how to build bombs.

The Age:

A young Jewish American man has been charged with pretending to be an Australian-based Islamic State jihadist after a FBI joint investigation with the Australian Federal Police based on information provided by Fairfax Media.

Joshua Ryne Goldberg, a 20-year old living at his parents’ house in US state of Florida, is accused of posing online as “Australi Witness,” an IS supporter who publicly called for a series of attacks against individuals and events in western countries.

In recent days Australi Witness has claimed online that he is working with other jihadists to plan attacks in Australia and the United States. He distributed pictures of a bomb that he was working on with “2 lbs of explosives inside”.

Early on Friday, Australian time, Goldberg was arrested at his home by Florida police for “distribution of information relating to explosives, destructive devices, and weapons of mass destruction”.

An affidavit sworn in the case says that, between August 19 and August 28, Mr Goldberg “distributed information pertaining to the manufacturing of explosives, destructive devices, or weapons of mass destruction in furtherance of an activity that constitutes a Federal crime of violence”.

US Attorney Lee Bentley III, said Goldberg instructed a confidential source how to make a bomb similar to two used in the Boston Marathon bombings two years ago that killed that killed three people and injured more than 260 others.

He’s accused of instructing someone how to fill it with nails, metal and other items dipped in rat poison.

Police base the charge on his communication of five web links to sites that provided instructions that could be used to make explosives as part of a plot to explode a bomb on September 13 at a memorial ceremony in Kansas City, commemorating the 9/11 the terrorist attacks.

Here is the full FBI affidavit.

But get this.

It all gets way more insane.

In the Bornstein hoax, Goldberg established a blog on the Times of Israel in the lawyer’s name before posting an inflammatory article calling for the “extermination” of Palestinians. The Times retracted the article and apologised, and Bornstein went public with the story saying “I deplore racism…I’ve fought racism since I was four years old”.

When confronted, Goldberg boasted he had avoided detection, saying, “That guy has no idea. He thinks Daily Stormer did it.” He also said he wanted to obtain Bornstein’s real life address, in order to “freak him out even more”.

You may remember that the Daily Stormer published several articles by a user using the alias “Michael Slay” earlier this year. “Slay” had been active on various pro-White Reddits, was clearly intelligent and a skilled writer. He contacted me asked if he could submit articles to the Daily Stormer. I agreed.

Most of his early submissions were normal, in line with the type of things we generally publish. The type of material I had seen from him on Reddit. It was all “kosher” as they say – but as it turns out, the situation was literally kosher.

The Daily Stormer was subjected to an attempted infiltration by the insane Jewish terrorist Joshua Goldberg.

The email with which “Michael Slay” contacted me, maymayposter@gmail.com, is listed in the FBI affidavit.

He had begun submitting articles sometime in late January of this year, after having been contacting me for several weeks. He told me that he was from Australia.

In early March, he began using the Daily Stormer as a platform to troll Mariam Veiszadeh, that Moslem activist in Australia who got a t-shirt banned from a store.

The banned t-shirt
The banned t-shirt

I supported the idea of trolling her on Twitter, because she clearly deserved the hassle, but he was submitting articles that were overly derogatory and silly sounding (not of the satirical tone we generally use), which I felt made the site look ridiculous.

Shortly after I told him I wouldn’t publish anymore articles on Vaiszadeh, the Bornstein hoax happened. “Michael Slay” submitted an article about it, as if it were real, which led me to suspect he himself (or some associate of his) was responsible, given that the article had clearly not been written by Bornstein and I didn’t believe he was stupid enough to think it had been.

Bornstein, of course, came out and said it was a hoax – and then Jews blamed The Daily Stormer (or at least suggested that we were the likely culprits) based on an earlier article “Slay” had written about Bornstein.

Jew blog Jew School wrote:

Gilead Ini, a research associate at CAMERA, notes that Bornstein has been targeted by Australian white nationalists and their American sympathizers for his support of open immigration policy and hate crimes legislation. A post on the Daily Stormer website calls Bornstein a “Subversive Jewish parasite” against whom they are “waging an all-out war.”

The Daily Stormer’s publisher Andrew Anglin is also a member of the 8chan community. 8chan was created as a “free speech alternative” to the popular 4chan message board from which many an Internet meme, including the Anonymous hacker movement, emerged.

Writing for The Guardian, Bornstein himself blamed it on a shadowy White supremacist conspiracy.

White supremacists stole your identity? No, dear Jew, it was your own ethnic comrade.
White supremacists stole your identity? No, dear Jew, it was your own ethnic comrade. Rest assured though, he did it for the tribe.

I sensed – with my keen instinct – that this was just the beginning of a complex Jewish plan to Jew over this site.

Note: All of the “Michael Slay” material has been deleted from the site, following his having been banned from submitting articles.

When I asked him if he did it, he told me he hadn’t, but that he had seen someone posting about it on /pol/, claiming responsibility.

Though I couldn’t prove it, my gut told me he was responsible, and was trying to pin it on me and this site. Without making a public statement, I told him I would not be posting any more of his articles. He sent me dozens of emails begging to get his material published again. As his emails became increasingly irate and abusive, I stopped reading them, eventually blocking him.

Note: I am not sure if the Bornstein hoax was illegal, but I presume it was, as it was a form of identity theft. Through maybe it would qualify as satire, I’m not sure. Either way, it was not something I wanted to be associated with. And just in general, I don’t like being blamed for things I didn’t do.

Around this same time, a contact in Australia told me that several guys in the nationalist movement there had reason to believe he was responsible for the Bornstein hoax, and suspected he was some type of government operative.

On My, It Seems the Tables Have Turned

So, this is a very interesting turn of events.

Constantly, the Jews tell us that we Whites are evil and trying to cause trouble and violence, and yet here you go – a Jew who tried – though I thwarted him before he was victorious in his plot – to infiltrate and subvert an evil “White Supremacist” website.

Then he tried to stage a Moslem terror attack.

I’ll be waiting for a Mark Potok statement on this – on how White civil rights activists are being targeted by vicious and hate-driven Jewish terrorists. But I won’t be holding my breath. I think the Jew media is going to try and bury the whole thing.

Hey Potok - does the SPLC catalog the actions of Jewish terrorists who attempt to infiltrate and subvert Whites and Moslems?
Hey Potok – does the SPLC catalog the actions of Jewish terrorists who attempt to infiltrate and subvert White civil rights activists? If not, why not?

The Jew media published article after article trying to say I and/or Jared Taylor were somehow responsible for the Charleston shooting because Dylann Roof allegedly commented on this site, and said in his manifesto that he read the Council of Conservative Citizens website. Now it turns out that before that shooting even happened, one of their own was trying to infiltrate me, while planning who knows what.

But a White person can never be a victim. Not of a Jew, at least.

Jew Terrorist Thought: Whites are Too Clever to Fall for Your Tricks? Maybe Try the Moslems

The FBI affidavit cites that they began monitoring his attempts to pose as a member of ISIS in May of this year – about two months after I’d quietly banned him under suspicion that he was trying to Jew me. He was then easily ensnared by some law enforcement agent, informant and/or intelligence agent (the report does not say which, or even which country he was from; Australian officials were also involved in this investigation on some level, apparently).

He then literally tried to use the agent to mastermind a Boston Marathon-style terror bombing in Kansas.

What is the Meaning of This?

Though this behavior is almost identical to the techniques used by some government agencies to catch (allegedly potential) terrorists – which is why everyone he contacted assumed he was a provocateur of some type – Goldberg just got arrested and is obviously going to do some time in prison.

And you can say “oh, but maybe he was working for the Mossad and the FBI didn’t know.” But the affidavit says that he was using his own IP address to converse on Twitter about carrying out terror attacks. I also doubt that the Mossad employs basement dwelling 20-year-old Jews from Florida for their operations.

Probably not this.
Probably not this, exactly.

What he tried to do to me – make me look stupid and perhaps somehow be held responsible for impersonating Bornstein – could be considered normal trolling behavior. Basically just messing with his racial enemy, in a way that he found funny. Though again, he was probably planning to up the ante, if I hadn’t shut him down.

But planning a bombing, which he apparently honestly thought would result in death? Why on earth would you do something like that?

Though I have no way of knowing, what it looks like is that since January, when he first tried to get in and Jew me, he was being guided by someone. Then when that project fell through, he moved on to Moslems. I am unclear as to who would be guiding him and seeing these chat logs (included in the affidavit) and not tell him he was obviously communicating with a government operative.

He created the address he contacted me with just before he began contacting me, then after being banned from my operation, created a separate address for his plans against Moslems.

From the affidavit:

Yahoo Inc. provided records to the FBl, which I have reviewed. Based on the review, I determined that the Yahoo! Account auswitness@yahoo.com was created on May 9, 2015. The full name for the account was listed as Australi Witness and an alternate email address of maymayposter@gmail.com was provided.

Google provided records to the FBl, which I have reviewed. Based on the review, I determined that Google account maymayposter@gmail.com was created on January 4, 2015 from lP address and listed a subscriber name of M.S. The account had been accessed from lP address as recently as June 25, 2015.

After he waived his right to an attorney (no idea why anyone would do that), the affidavit states that he claimed he actually intended for the bomb to blow up the Moslem while he was trying to make it.

Here is the precise passage:

During the course of the interview, however, JOSHUA GOLDBERG made varying statements in an attempt to explain his actions in providing bomb making information to the individual. In general, JOSHUA GOLDBERG claimed that he intended for the individual to either kill himself creating the bomb or, if not, that he intended to alert law enforcement just  prior to the individual detonating the bomb, resulting in JOSHUA GOLDBERG to receive credit for stopping the attack.

What he appears to be saying is “look, I was just trying to help you guys, just like I tried to stop those evil White supremacists before they caught on to my tricks.”

There is no way to know the details, but there is almost certainly something a bit deeper going on here.

But maybe he is just schizophrenic or something.

Final Thoughts

This whole situation speaks to the dangers of allowing Jews on the internet. It also speaks to the dangers of putting trust in anonymous individuals on the internet.

After the Bornstein incident, and telling “Slay” I would no longer be publishing his submissions, I enacted a policy of only allowing submissions from people who I have a face and a real name for, or who someone I know personally and trust can vouch for.

And even that isn’t bulletproof.

We all need to be on guard. All of you guys. I am going to try and get together a list of ways people try to get you involved in crimes on the internet.

Number one rule is that if anyone starts doing something weird, talking about violence or anything else illegal, they are either working for the feds or they are an unhinged psychopath like Goldberg (who may or may not have been working for or at least guided by someone else). As you can see in this story, all of these communications are recorded very easily by the authorities.

Our revolution will be one of ideas, and everyone with an IQ over 100 realizes that. Anyone saying different should be avoided like the plague.


Note to Media: As always guys, I am not going to talk to you on the phone unless you are going to put me on the cover of Rolling Stone in a Bane mask. Don’t send me your number, because I swear I’ll just keep publishing them. I do not like or trust any of you rats and don’t really consider you too much better than this Goldberg terrorist. However, I do believe it is a public service to give statements, so if you have specific questions, send them by email and I will probably answer them. If you want a phone interview, please contact Richard Spencer.

My official press photo, for media use.
My official press photo, for media use.

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