Waiting Until a Man is Dead to Falsely Accuse Him of Rape is Really Distasteful

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2019

I personally believe that pretty much all of these #metoo stories are fake.

“Rape” in itself is largely fake, because if you actually get raped – an act almost always committed by a nonwhite – you have serious bodily damage. Not to get too graphic, but basically, a woman’s legs are pretty strong, and in order to get her to open them in order to insert your penis against her will, you pretty much have to punch her in the face. You also have the issue that a woman can bite you, meaning you have to hold her throat, which also leaves marks.

We know what real rape victims look like after a rape because of pictures of women after being raped by Islamic refugee children (“precious sweet boys” as they are known in Sweden).

It is a mockery of actual victims of rape to talk about “date rape” and other forms of fake rape.

Now, women are taking this mockery to a whole new level, not even using the word “rape” anymore and just publicly denouncing men for coming onto them.

And one bitch is doing it after the man is dead!


By waiting until seven months after his suicide to accuse fellow US skater John Coughlin of sexual abuse in 2008, Ashley Wagner has created an avoidable cloud of questions about her story, timing and motives.

Wagner is not the first woman to speak out against Coughlin, who was in the midst of an official national skating federation investigation at the time of his death in January, which his family say contributed to his mental state. But recently-retired Olympic medalist Wagner is by far the highest-profile accuser of the male pair skater, who was never selected for the top competition.

And while Wagner has been widely lauded for the courage of her first-person account, printed on Thursday in USA Today, at least online, if not in print media, there has been a backlash, demonstrating a nuance to a situation that #MeToo advocates often refuse to acknowledge.

Reading Wagner’s own words, it is easy to understand why she did not report the situation at the elite Colorado skating camp at the time.

She was 17 and he was 22, the incident was “ambiguous” to her: Coughlin “crawled” into her bed after a team party –Wagner says it was her first such encounter ever– and began kissing her neck. To deter him, she says she first pretended to be in deep sleep, then that she was waking up, but he did not stop, groping her whole body. When she finally opened her eyes and pulled away his “invading hand” Coughlin “looked at [her] for a few seconds, quietly got up and left the room.”

Wagner says she did not want to speak out against a popular fellow athlete, or “be known in figure skating as the athlete who would cause trouble,” or even for her parents to find out, as they’d be “mad” on discovering that their teen daughter was at a party.

But most importantly, Wagner was not sure she’d been abused at all, acting as if “nothing happened” and thinking she’d “misinterpreted” the situation, as “no one had explained consent” to her. With the “knowledge and empowerment” of #MeToo, it is now “clear” Wagner had been “sexually assaulted,” and wants to help other teenagers avoid her fate.

This is not “sexual assault,” this is a guy coming onto a woman and the woman rejecting him. She even says that as soon as she pulled away – that is, the first signal she gave him that she wasn’t interested – he got up and left. If we start defining this normal male flirting behavior as unacceptable or somehow illegal – which we have apparently already done – we are in a realm where people simply aren’t going to be able to breed anymore.

As any man with any experience at all with women is aware, women want you to make the first move. They also often pull back from you at first, testing you. This is part of the “playing hard to get” thing that women do. The fact that this skater got up and left after the first negative signal from the girl shows that he is in fact much less aggressive than most men would be – especially at a drunken party. My personal policy as a youngster was that it wasn’t a real denial of my advances until she made a loud noise – otherwise it was basic “no means yes” shit-testing.

Only one time in my life did a girl ever tell me the next day that I made her feel uncomfortable when I groped her in a hallway, and I apologized to her. It was a genuine apology, as we had both been drinking and I had apparently misread the situation. She said that no harm had been done, and we continued to see each other and developed a relationship.

(Note: I do not support apologizing to women, as a rule, even if you actually are sorry – I’m just retelling a story of something that happened 15 or so years ago, as it happened.)

I just can’t even begin to imagine what teenagers are going through now. It must just be completely sterile out there.

Publicly condemning a man for flirting with you after he’s already dead – dead from suicide – is horrible and evil. Just imagine how this poor man’s mother must feel hearing this.

This is yet more proof that sluts do not have souls.

This whole agenda is designed to stop men and women from developing relationships and families, because kikes do not want us to breed.

None of this stuff is going to work on brown people. Their sexual impulse is much more primitive, and their women have higher testosterone, so they are never going to be able to feel these kinds of emotions being stirred up in White women.