WaPo Admits That North Korea Hysteria is a Fake News Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2017

The Jewish media has been hyping this North Korea thing non-stop for decades now.

We’re always on the brink of nuclear war.

That Washington Post finally decided to spill the beans:

The saber-rattling from both North Korea and the Trump administration has many people worried that the world is on the brink of a nuclear war.

Kim Jong Un’s regime is threatening to fire a missile to land near Guam, the American territory in the Pacific Ocean that is home to two huge U.S. military bases, by the middle of this month. He seems to have the technical capacity to make good on this threat: his regime has made observable progress in its missile program, notably firing two intercontinental ballistic missiles last month theoretically capable of reaching the American mainland.

President Trump has issued tough warnings to North Korea in response. In his latest statement, on Thursday, he warned North Korea that “things will happen to them like they never thought possible” should the isolated country attack the United States or its allies.

There have been many periods of heightened tensions between the two countries over the years, especially in April and August, when South Korea and the United States conducted joint military exercises that North Korea considered preparation for an invasion.

The Washington Post asked a range of experts in both the United States and South Korea if this time was any different. How worried should we be about conflict breaking out, accidental or otherwise?

They asked a bunch of people and everyone was like “no, there’s virtually no chance of that happening – this is the same thing that’s been happening for decades. Except maybe Donald Trump is insane though.”

Well, Donald Trump is not insane and this is definitely the same thing that has been happening for decades, the same thing that the media has been hyping up as impending nuclear war for decades, and nothing has happened.

This is fake news like the threat of Hitler was fake news, like the threat of Vietnam was fake news, like the threat of Iraq was fake news. It is fake news like the current threat of Russia, Iran and Assad are fake news.

The WaPo has to admit it in one article because so many goyim know. Tomorrow they’ll go back to hyping it up like it’s impending doom.