WaPo: Corporations Need to go Full-SJW to Avoid Alt-Right Endorsements

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2017

It’s only a nightmare if you hate money and success.

There’s a consistent myth floating around in the liberal media that any company being endorsed by the Alt-Right is going to suffer economically. In fact, the exact opposite is true: companies which take an uncompromising stance on the need to expel the Jews and Blacks become wildly popular.

For example, after sponsoring the Daily Stormer, the Australian company “Smerff Electrical” has seen a great boom in business.

And why wouldn’t it be the case? Everyone hates homos and brown people. You should expect that a company reflecting popular, common-sense positions would be able to better connect with the public.

Alas, these companies are being tragically misled into thinking that this is a bad thing, probably by communists who are trying to destroy all market economies by disrupting major corporations through nefarious PR campaigns.

If only these companies consulted with us, we could help them avoid these costly mistakes.

Washington Post:

The neo-Nazis were hungry. They had spent the day in a Charlottesville, Virginia, courthouse testifying at the preliminary hearing for a white nationalist jailed for pepper-spraying counterprotesters during August’s deadly Unite the Right rally. Now, after the long drive home to Alexandria, Virginia, they craved pizza.

“We were going to order from the local place where we get pizza all the time, but we said no, Papa John’s is the official pizza of the alt-right now,” said Eli Mosley, the 26-year-old leader of the white separatist group Identity Evropa. “We’re just supporting the brands that support us.”

Hail Papa John’s! Hail victory!

See? That’s already a sale right there. Imagine how many others are willing to eat inferior pizza, just to make a political statement of support for this principled, Nazi-aligned company.

Probably millions of people, tbh fam.

That show of support – unsolicited and unwanted by Papa John’s – exhibits an emerging danger to major American brands negotiating the racial politics that have cleaved the country.

It is no longer enough for companies to keep a low profile when it comes to polarizing issues involving race, brand experts say. Instead, some companies are preemptively stating their positions, hoping to avoid being hijacked by white supremacists eager to spread their ideas into the mainstream by tying themselves to household brands, from pizzas and burgers to sneakers and cars. This week, Papa John’s tweeted an explicit rejection of neo-Nazi ideas.

“Companies need to take a public stand on issues that are affecting consumers in advance of being co-opted,” said Heide Gardner, chief diversity and inclusion officer at IPG, one of the world’s largest advertising and marketing conglomerates. “Brands need to build a certain level of sophistication around racial issues. They need to be really mindful of how charged the environment is and take pains to look at situations through a diversity lens.”

Other companies should take heed of Papa John’s experience, experts say. As the marketplace becomes the latest battleground in the culture wars, brand strategists are advising companies accustomed to staying out of the political fray to proactively weigh in with bold statements about race – as Nike and Ben & Jerry’s have done – to thwart attempts by hate groups to adopt brands as their own.

“Brands need to protect themselves from being associated with Nazism – by embracing hardcore communism and hatred for White people.”


Ben and Jerry’s:

Geez, great advice, kikes.

Why would any company cater to these brown people? They’re all on food stamps and welfare checks. They don’t have any money to spend on their products. If you’re going to spite one group of people to appeal to another, it’s obviously much wiser to ridicule Blacks in order to maximize the support of Whites, who have actual jobs and money to spend.

Ridiculing Blacks is good PR. Is it any surprise Maxwell House is so successful?

Portraying Blacks as ugly and disgusting is also a great way to sell soap. Just ask Dove.

Successful, well-established brands know this.

If you go Nazi, you make money.

If you go SJW, you go bankrupt.

Choose wisely.