WaPo Finally Prints Something Relevant About American-Russian Relations

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2018

In the midst of a detestable, nonsensical conspiracy theory article – one of what must be tens of thousands that WaPo has printed over the last couple years – the loony toony conspiracy kook E.J. Dionne Jr. had a few moments of clarity.

The column itself was vaguely focused on Maria Butina, a Russian gun rights activist who was living in America and working with the NRA, studying the group so that she could form a similar group in Russia, who was arrested recently based on a conspiracy theory that she is a Russian agent (I believe the charges will be dropped, she is just a rando they are harassing for “RUSSIAN AGENT WORKING WITH NRA” headlines).

In examining that weird situation, Dionne points out why the Russian Kookspiracy is completely unneeded to explain the burgeoning alliance between America and Russia.

Clarity moment #1:

In truth, there is nothing illogical about the ideological collusion that is shaking our political system. If the old Soviet Union was the linchpin of the Communist International, Putin’s Russia is creating a new Reactionary International built around nationalism, a critique of modernity and a disdain for liberal democracy. Its central mission includes wrecking the Western alliance and the European Union by undermining a shared commitment to democratic values.


It simply makes logical sense for America – a nation which is still a majority white, Christian and socially conservative, to be drawn to Russia, a nation of the same.

On all of our core issues of identity as peoples, there is clear overlap:

  • Whiteness (protection of historic bloodlines/ethnic heritage)
  • Patriarchy
  • Christianity
  • Family values
  • Traditional gender roles (pro-masculinity, anti-feminism)
  • Anti-faggotry
  • Middle-class focused, hard work and ingenuity based economy
  • Educated with an interest in scientific and technological development

The idea of there not being an alliance between two such nations is nonsensical. Especially when the rest of the world is either brown or sunken into a total hell of spiritual, psychological and social poverty.

“Democratic values” is the opposite of all the things I’ve listed above.

It means:

  • Multicuturalism (mass immigration and forced integration)
  • Matriarchy
  • Atheism
  • Isolated individuals dissociated from the traditional family unit
  • Attacks on masculinity and the promotion of female-oriented social orders in public life
  • Faggotry (with trannies, including injecting children with hormonal manipulation drugs)
  • An economy with an elite financial class ruling over a mass of rootless multiracial state-dependents
  • Holding back science, driving Western man back into a primitive, African-type stone age

Or more succinctly, as our poet put it:

Americans do not generally understand how far gone Europe (and the UK, to a lesser extent) actually are. I’m not sure Russians understand it either.

In Germany, they have legalized sex with dogs and farm animals, and they have legal brothels where you can go to have sex with animals.

That is from 2013, you’ll note. Long before the tranny thing hit America, Germans had institutionalized sex with animals.

And it was Germany and Scandinavia who pioneered the tranny agenda, which is now taking America by storm.

Clarity moment #2:

In a prescient March 2017 article in Time magazine, Alex Altman and Elizabeth Dias detailed Russia’s “new alliances with leading U.S. evangelicals, lawmakers and powerful interest groups like the NRA.”

Evangelical Christians, they noted, found common ground with Putin, a strong foe of LGBTQ rights, on the basis of “Moscow’s nationalist and ultraconservative push — led by the Russian Orthodox Church — to make the post-Soviet nation a bulwark of Christianity amid the increasing secularization of the West.”

Here is the European “belief in God” map:

You can easily see that Western Europe – home of “democratic values” – is Godless and evil, while Russia is good.

You’ll also note that Southern European nations are much better than the EU’s hell-centers of France, Germany and Scandinavia (and the UK).

Compare the above to our own God map (this is one is from 2001, before the brown sludge flood), where virtually the whole thing is the color of Russia.

If you broke that down into counties, you would find that the urban centers like New York, San Francisco, Austin (soon to be Renamed “Cocksucker, Texas”), DC and other rootless urbanite hellholes of “democratic values” would be the color of Scandinavia, Germany and the UK – evil and Godless.

But the overwhelming majority of our people believe in the Christian God, just like the overwhelming majority of Russians.

I don’t know how it could be any more obvious that Russia and America are natural allies against the Godless Western Eurofilth.

An Undermining of the Conspiracy Itself

This admissions being published in the Washington Post – these points that I have been pressing since this site began in 2013, years before Trump ever announced his run for President, before Crimea voted to join Russia, before Russia entered the Syrian war to fight ISIS – undermine the conspiracy itself.

Dionne is admitting openly that yes, Russia and America share a common set of values, which is why they are drawn to one another. And this in itself explains why Putin and Trump like each other, and are seeking to build an alliance with one another. It explains why Trump said nice things about Putin during the election. It explains why Putin preferred Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election.

And it explains why Trump right now is attempting to solidify an alliance with Russia against the European Union.

It completely removes the need for this bizarre theory of a conspiracy between Trump and Putin to forge an American-Russian alliance.

Because the alliance is natural.

An Analogy

Just work with me for a moment here, I have an analogy.

There is a high school. The most attractive boy and the most attractive girl are both single. All the girls are looking at the attractive single boy and thinking “I wish I could be with him.” All the boys are are looking at the attractive single girl and thinking “I wish I could be with her.”

Then one night, the most attractive boy and the most attractive girl get together.

They become the happiest, most beautiful couple anyone could imagine.

A picturesque image of divine union.

And the whole rest of the school is like:

And then they all start attacking the attractive couple.

“He’s only with her because blah blah blah reasons.”

“She’s only with him because blah blah blah reasons.”

But in actuality, the reason they are together is that they were made for one another.

You see where I’m going with this?