WaPo Says Trump Should Accept $5 Billion in Wall Funding for Permanent DACA Baby Status

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2018

The government is still shut down and the Jewish media continues to whine about the starving feds who need their paychecks, because apparently most of the people who work for the federal government don’t have enough money to pay for a week’s worth of food. Also apparently, the Jewish media believes that normal people care if employees of the federal government starve to death.

The Washington Post has a piece up penned by the editorial board of Jews claiming that the solution is simple – the Democrats should just trade 5 billion in wall funding for all of the DACA babies – which they call “dreamers” because that sounds better than “drug-dealing rapists” – being legalized.

The Post Jews claim that both sides were ready to do such a deal earlier this year. In fact, that is yet another Jewish lie. Trump did offer them DACA, but he demanded in exchange $18 billion for the wall – which is more than half of it – and that basically all nonwhite immigration be totally outlawed. This most importantly included shutdowns on so-called “legal immigration,” which makes up most of our immigration and is in fact much more important than a wall.

During the height of the Mexican invasion during the Bush years, it was barely a million brown people that crossed the Mexican border every year, and most of them were literal “migrant workers” who would come seasonally to work on farms. We currently have a million people coming in every year through the various “legal” methods who do not leave and are often given citizenship.

There is no way that Trump can trade DACA amnesty for $5 billion in wall funding. People are stupid in general, and most simply do not understand that the real threat to America is legal immigration, but they aren’t stupid enough to think that $5 billion – about a fifth of the total cost of the wall – is worth trading DACA for – especially since DACA will eventually be overturned by the Supreme Court.

However, I am now fearing that Trump will do this, because he responds so much to pressure and poll numbers, and the media is going extra nuts attempting to convince people that Trump’s government shutdown is the apocalypse and that federal government employees are hours away from resorting to cannibalism.

He might think he can do that deal and walk away with a victory to claim.

I hope that if Trump was convinced by conservative media pundits to do the shutdown as the media keeps claiming (it’s probably partly true), the same people convince him not to do that deal. It would be better to have no funding for the wall than $5 billion and DACA.

Again: the most important part of his proposed DACA deal was that it shut down the green card system, the diversity lotto, the H1-B visas, the refugee programs, and every other “legal” invasion scheme. The wall is largely a symbolic gesture in the larger scheme of things, and speaks to the absolutely brainwashed nature of the mass of conservatives who believe that legal immigration is “okay.”

I remember before Trump having these conversations in Columbus, Ohio, and hearing people say “it’s the illegals that’s the problem” and replying “well what about all these Somalians?” People would look confused for a minute and then say “aren’t they illegal?”

Hearing them talk about “I just want it to be legal” is infuriating, as they do not have any clear explanation as to why they believe this, and the fact that there is virtually no difference between the two allows liberals to exploit their inability to explain a difference and make them look stupid.

Typical boomer Facebook meme. I am certainly not a Democrat, but I would also like the difference explained to me, because all I see are a bunch of brown people flooding my country to feed off the labor of my society. 

Trump has valiantly broached the topic of legal immigration, which has now shifted the discussion, but a lot of conservatives still don’t understand the difference (or lack thereof), which means that maybe if he got complete wall funding, he could get away with it. But right now we’re talking about this $5 billion going to replace fencing with “artistic steel slats.” So there is just no way.

At this point, yes, $25 billion for a solid concrete, Israel-type wall would possibly be worth trading DACA for, just so we get something.

Trump must offer nothing, at all, and just run this out until he wins or loses the ability to keep it going.