Warren DNA Test Shows 1% Indian! Cherokee Nation Shows Her the Door Out of Sacred Wigwam!

Roy Batty (with Andrew Anglin)
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2018

Chief Shits-on-White-People is in big trouble. Maybe. Like idk. Dems never seem to get into trouble for anything, ever. Because Republicans never hold their feet to the fire.

But that was before Trump. That was before Kavanaugh. That was before it was enshrined in Supreme Court law that it is legal to rape this bitch to death, politically and otherwise.

Because the test results are in!

Elizabeth Warren… you are… NOT AN INDIAN!!

Breitbart News:

As Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) reveals her DNA test purporting to show she has anywhere between 0.1 percent to 1.56 percent Native American ancestry, the liberal lawmaker remains ineligible for Cherokee Nation citizenship.

On Monday, Warren claimed she is vindicated after she released the findings of a DNA test which claims she is at the most 1/64th Native American and at the least, 1/1,024.

The DNA findings, regardless of their legitimacy, do not make her eligible for Cherokee Nation citizenship. Nor does the DNA test make Warren eligible to join the Eastern Band of the Cherokee or the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee.

And the Cherokees responded by BANNING her from the teepee/pow-wow/casino/whatever.

Damn, I bet that felt good. For the Indians I mean.

They must be inundated with lost White girls trying to get in touch with their non-existent red man roots because they watched Pocahontas as a kid and think Indians can magically talk to trees and shit.

Indians, however, are creepy and overall, they’re just shitty brown people that used to have cool ethnic garb. That’s pretty much it. 

In fact, I understand why Columbus mistook them for the other kind of Indians.

What I don’t understand is how White girls aren’t as creeped out by red Indians as they are by the other kind.

In the end, it must have been all those romantic movies, right?

Last of the Mohicans really really did a number on my generation, didn’t it?

In the future ethnostate, movies glorifying the “noble savage” will be banned.

That is until the technology gets up to the point where we can literally “reverse-Cherokee” the actors and make them White.

Because White women can’t tell fiction from fantasy. And it would be expensive to DNA test all of them.


Shockingly, the Jewish media is siding with her.


The motherfucking New York Times is saying this puts DRUMPF on the defensive.

New York Times:

It is a racial taunt made by the president of the United States, not unlike his discredited claim that Barack Obama was not born in America.

And just as President Trump’s embrace of birtherism led to the remarkable spectacle of President Obama’s birth certificate being distributed in the White House, Mr. Trump’s unrelenting mockery of Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” — questioning her claims about having Native American heritage — has prompted Ms. Warren to release the results of a DNA test that she says provide proof of her ancestry.

There is “strong evidence” that Ms. Warren has Native American pedigree “6-10 generations ago,” according to a document she released Monday from Dr. Carlos Bustamante, a renowned geneticist. The error rate is less than one-in-a-thousand, he said.

Ms. Warren’s elaborate attempt to neutralize Mr. Trump’s attacks represented the surest sign yet that she intends to run for president in 2020. Not only did the Massachusetts senator release the DNA results, but she created a fact-check website that details her Native American ancestry and her Oklahoma roots. The site also includes documents that Ms. Warren says make clear her heritage “had no role whatsoever” in her advancement during her academic rise as a Harvard law professor — as some Republicans have asserted.

And of course, every other news outlet is going along with this New York Times.

You have to BELIVE WOMEN who test at 1% Indian are Trve Cherokee Princesses.

This is like a test to see if people are willing to go along with whatever the media says.

I can’t even believe it.

I cannot even believe that they have the nerve to come out and say that being 1% of a race on a DNA test does not mean that it is outright fraud that you claimed being that thing to get scholarships and then base your entire DNA on it.

Anything short of formally accusing this woman of living a lie her entire life is completely insane and unbelievable.

But yeah, this is the way it works – I guess the Democrat believers are just going to have to download the new update.