Washington Post Jewess Ruth Marcus Confirms That the Daily Stormer is “Big Time” Media

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2018

The fringe Jewess Washington Post blogger Ruth Marcus has admitted that the Daily Stormer is a “big time” media operation. She was also quite happy to have been mentioned on the site.

Make no mistake about it, the Washington Post is an evil blog site that operates within the darkest corners of the Internet. It is a site that spreads virulent hatred of Donald J. Trump – the democratically elected President of the United States – and his millions of supporters.

Unlike the Washington Post blog, the Daily Stormer is a highly credible and trustworthy news organization. We do not operate within the darkest corners of the Internet. We are trusted by millions of people who read the site to get their daily dose of honest news and analysis. We also do not spread anti-American lies and cite unnamed sources for hits and page views. This is an unethical practice that the bloggers over at the Washington Post have been doing for quite awhile now. It has not worked out well for them.

The Jewess Ruth Marcus who blogs for the Washington Post has fully admitted that the Daily Stormer is a “big time” media operation. She even went on Twitter to brag about how she was mentioned in one of my previous articles.

These are quite remarkable comments coming from a Jewess who blogs for a fringe hate site. Especially considering that she has previously displayed a great deal of contempt for credible news operations.

It was clearly a badge of honor for her to be mentioned on a major media site like the Daily Stormer. After all, it is doubtful that many people knew who she was until we published that article about her. That’s what happens when you write for an obscure blog site like the Washington Post. Not many people know who you are.

And besides, Daily Stormer articles offer unique insight that you can’t find anywhere else. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Take the word of Ray Suarez.

Some say that we shouldn’t be giving these fringe Jewish and Marxist bloggers extra attention. It is admittedly a fair point, but we can’t let the lies and hate they direct at our President go unchallenged. These people have to be exposed. Sometimes it is necessary to shine light on the darkest corners of the Internet to achieve a more noble long term goal.