Washington Post Says Filipino Alleged Hoax Bombers was a Russian Agent

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2018

This is shocking even for WaPo.

But now that we understand NPC theory, we know why they are never worried about “going too far” or “getting too bloody ridiculous for the public to comprehend.”

Washington Post:

A Facebook account apparently belonging to the man charged with sending pipe bombs to prominent Democrats this week included references to Russian associates and propaganda links that echo Kremlin views on the Syrian civil war, alongside ramblings about soccer, women and U.S. politics.

Cesar Sayoc, 56, a vocal supporter of President Trump who was arrested in Florida on Friday and charged with multiple federal crimes, apparently spoke of “my Russian brothers” on several occasions on a Facebook page in 2015. The meaning of the references to Russians is not clear, nor is it clear how Sayoc came to view and share propaganda sympathetic to Russian actions in Syria.

(They’re talking about him making posts against ISIS.)

Facebook removed the account from public view after news spread of Sayoc’s arrest. But The Washington Post obtained hundreds of public posts from 2015 and 2016 from Columbia University social media researcher Jonathan Albright, who downloaded them Friday before Facebook removed the information.

Albright said of the possibility that the “Cesar Altieri” Facebook account is phony, “The chances are very, very low given how many years and how much history there is.”

On at least five occasions in 2015 — three times in April, once in June and once in October — the Facebook account included posts referring to “my Russian Brothers” and picturing a smiling Sayoc wearing a suit and posing alongside what appear to be friends. The posts list specific places, nicknames of people and communities, such as Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach, with large Russian populations.

lol, (((Russian))).

These references to Russian associates on Facebook are repetitive, rambling and hard to understand. Before his arrest Friday, Sayoc lived in an area of suburban Miami with a large Russian community, meaning the Russians described on the Facebook page may have been simply friends of that nationality. Elsewhere on Facebook Sayoc speaks of “my Italian Brothers.”

The post on Oct. 21, 2015 included five pictures of Sayoc with different groups of people, mostly men, and the words: “Here to my Russian Brother in Moscow , Sunny Isle Bch Fla, Brighten Bch Brooklyn NY Brain, Shashana Borus, Eric Jeweler , Macaloff USSR big Red Machine Russian hockey team best in World Big John GM our nightly place 7 star food Kitchen 305 love ya all my brother Force 4 life no group better Hard Rock Sammy enforcers , My Russian, Italian , Native, etc anyone I may left out 4 life.

A Facebook post on May 29, 2015 does not mention Russian associates but references the country in what reads like a conspiracy theory: “Unground city Bahamas US government preparing for end fact . Tons pipe water lines going under Bahamas 900 dirty bombs disappear from Russia planted on US soil ready for end

A month later, on June 18, 2015, the Facebook account expressed early enthusiasm for Donald Trump, who announced his candidacy for president two days earlier. “Donald Trump the nxt great president all native red man tribes support and Billion followers .

The posts showed fixations on certain subjects, including Miami sports teams, youth soccer, Native American themes and businesses Sayoc was seeking to promote. But in April 2016, after several months of not posting on Facebook, the account abruptly changed subjects to link to videos celebrating Syria’s fight against ISIS.

“He just pops up four months later and just relentlessly shares stories about ISIS and terrorists,” said Albright. “The turn is just remarkable… He found ideas that never let go from that point on.”

The posts fit with Kremlin propaganda themes, portraying Russia and Syrian government forces favorably as they battled “terrorists” in what U.S. officials for years have portrayed as a legitimate uprising against the authoritarian government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Yes, the WaPo is YET AGAIN claiming that ISIS is a “legitimate uprising” against bad gas man, and claiming that anyone who is against ISIS is a de facto Russian agent.

It all makes so much more sense now that we can view it through the lens of NPC Theory.