Watch: 6’5″ 250lb White Man Punches 11-Year-Old Black Girl in the Face

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2019

Have you ever felt like punching an obnoxious young sheboon in the face? This man is living the dream.

Daily Mail:

This is the shocking moment a middle-aged white man punches a young black girl in the face in front of a horrified crowd of kids standing outside a shopping mall.

The altercation involving 51-year-old David Steven Bell and the 11-year-old victim was captured on cellphone video around 7pm Saturday outside the Asheville Mall in North Carolina.

Bell is seen in the footage bickering back and forth with the group of young girls, before one of them harmlessly shoves him from behind.

It’s unclear what transpired between Bell and the children before the video was filmed.

He was facing a pack of niggers, that’s what transpired. What he did is a productive response to niggers acting like niggers.

This idiotic idea that “people” can disrespect you and even assault you if they’re somehow weaker than you has to go. Imagine a country “harmlessly” attacking the United States of America and people expecting Americans not to fight back because America is stronger.

“If you’re stronger you can’t fight back so weak people can have power over you.”

He is heard in the clip ordering the kids to ‘break it up’ before the girl filming the incident asks, ‘who is he?’

Seconds later, Bell is seen forcefully pushing the female victim in the chest before she storms toward him again.

He didn’t push her, he was performing an undocumented chest compression to save the girl’s life, which she mistook as him sexually assaulting her nipples and prompted her to attack. Niggers can be pretty vicious creatures.

He was just defending himself.

The man in the video violently punches her in the face and she falls to the ground, appearing to hit her head on the pavement.

The girl filming then screams out: ‘Oh my god! Oh my god,’ before the video concludes.

That’s a fitting response to white men finally fighting back. Women are always shocked when they’re physically put in their place.

Bell is 6ft 5in and 250lbs, according to online jail records.

David Steven Bell with his wife.

What was this man supposed to do? He was surrounded by teen niggers, which are known to be violent and very unpredictable, and his personal space was getting invaded. If he’d have relaxed, the pack of niggers would have probably eaten him alive.

He chose to act first and he’s alive now thanks to that decision.

This incident gives you a valuable lesson: be proactive