Watch: Angry Brown Mob Attacks Alleged Rapist in Argentina, Female Sodomizes Him with a Piece of Wood

Daily Stormer
June 8, 2019


Presumption of innocence is literally a foreign concept for browns.

According to Perfil, a 54-year-old female went to the 23-year-old male’s house and, after doing some drugs, he tried to sexually abuse her. The female got out of the house and started screaming for help, and the neighbors formed a mob and dragged the alleged abuser out of his house. There are no arrests other than the 23-year-old male at the time of writing.

Keep in mind that Argentina’s browns are considerably less violent than Central America’s browns and Mexicans.

The ones marching towards the United States are Mayans, Aztecs, and all kinds of terrors.

These creatures are always up for some mindless violence. That’s their culture-enriching superpower.

After they’ve flooded America, what do you think will happen when some random woman accuses you of raping her?

#MeToo, believing women, brown hordes…

Not a great combination.

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