South Africa: Blacks Asked to Leave Beach After Reported Rapes Return to Perform Ritual Sheep Sacrifice

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 31, 2018

“You think we-ah danegeros? We’ah shown you you ray-cis bah kelin this sheep foh no reehson in fronno’you!”

Just another day in Negroland.

Cape Town will apparently lay charges against the sheep slaughterers.


Angry protesters have clashed on one of South Africa’s most popular beaches after private security guards allegedly ordered black visitors to leave.

The row erupted when the guards and police were called after reports that two teenage girls had been raped at the Cape Town attraction.

Black people appear to always be involved anywhere the word “rape” is used. If I were a racist, I’d say there’s an overwhelmingly high correlation between skin color and likeness to rape.

The guards, said to have been hired by local residents, were accused of clearing the Clifton 4th beach of all tourists.

Anti-racist demonstrators accused them of targeting black people.

Who else they’d target? Blacks are the most crime-committing, violent, and rapey species on the planet.

Do average white “males” seem like rapists to you?

They don’t even look capable of overpowering a woman.

But the row then escalated when the demonstrators staged a “cleansing ceremony” – slaughtering a sheep on the beach – and were challenged by mostly white animal welfare protesters.

I mean… yeah, it’s mostly white and creatures with some % of white genes that actually care about animals and the environment and all of that.

But what the fuck.

The security company denied closing down the beach, saying it was acting with police to protect residents from crime.

Cape Town’s mayor, Dan Plato, said the guards had asked people of all races to leave and had not targeted black people specifically.

The Black People’s National Crisis Committee, which arranged the protest march, said the beach clearing had echoes of South Africa’s apartheid era, when black and white people were segregated in public areas.

Yes, these South Apefricans don’t want apartheid because they don’t want to share. They want to kill all whites.

Police said preliminary findings indicated that no rape was registered but they had information suggesting there had been an attempt to sexually assault a 15-year-old girl, which was prevented by visitors.

Visitors, huh? Is that how we’re calling racists nowadays?

The offering of the sheep is calling on our ancestors to respond to our trauma at the hands of white people over the years,” activist Chumani Maxwele told News24.

Black people are suffering a strange form of trauma that is transmitted genetically through generations. No other species or race suffers from that because no other species or race has ever suffered, and if they did, they obviously suffered less than blacks suffered in the hands of whites therefore blacks are the only ones affected.

I say we give them the password to the control room of their spaceship pyramids so they can start playing with the engines and re-learn how to travel the galaxy.

After all, they were kangs until we went to Africa, met them, deleted all trace of their greatness and proceeded to give them a constant stream of gibs and to share all of our achievements with them.

Would you rather use a shitty white man smartphone, enjoying the shitty security of the white man civilization and all of its technology, science, and medicine, or would you rather be a kang and travel through space in your pyramid-shaped spaceship?

Right. Now you got a taste of how awful we’ve made black people’s existence.

It’s time we give them back Wakanda.