Watch: Deranged Thot Steals Man’s Parking Spot, Tries to Punch Him – Reality Strikes Back

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2018

Friends, lemme tell you a story.

This one time, I was going to park in a parking space, but then someone else rolled up into it, and parked in it – right there, in that space that I was going to park in.

So, I looked at this guy, and I was like – whatever.

I was pretty not mad.

Then, I found another parking space.

National news status: Not Made

Fox San Antonio:

A woman and her daughter say they were attacked by a stranger who accused them of taking the spot he’d been waiting for.

Fox San Antonio talked with the victims who shared exclusive details.

“He put his hands on her, he beat her that makes me angry,” Norma Lozano said.

She’s angry about her daughter who’s still battered and bruised, after a vicious attack last week by a crazed man who was ticked off over a parking spot he didn’t get.

Even though you can see on video that the girl in yellow threw the first punch, news outlets still make up their own narrative.

They expect readers to believe wamen, instead of their own eyes.

You might not, but you’re not the target. You have a soul.

Their narrative is intended to feed NPCs.

Women are so far removed from reality, they actually believe that they’re capable, strong, and independent, because they are told that they are independent.

They believe they can fight the patriarchy and liberate themselves.

They think they can actually win street fights with men.

They’re used to escaping the consequences of their own actions, and so they just keep pushing, and pushing, looking for the limit.

Well, this one found a limit.

In this case, the man wasn’t as sedated as most humanoids nowadays. I guess he shouldn’t have kicked the disrespecting whore’s car, but whatever. The car would survive.

I wouldn’t even get into a fight I could win over something like that, it’s not worth it.

The whore, however, high on her own supply of female omnipotence delusion, went up to him from the back and punched him in the face as he turns around to face her.

Suddenly, she encountered the harsh reality of her own physical inferiority.

“I want this guy off the street he’s a monster,” Norma Lozano said. “He’s a monster with a short fuse. I want this guy off the street, I want him behind bars.”

NPCs watch the video but cannot see. They read but cannot think.

They just digest what they’re fed, even when it goes against their sensory input.

Who threw the first punch?

The man was attacked.

He just kicked a car – whatever, fine him for property damage. He didn’t hurt any human and was already going away.

All this bitch had to do was nothing – but she lost her cool because someone hurt her car’s feelings.

Who’s the one with the short fuse?

She had no excuse. It wasn’t even self-defense, no one was in danger.

That’s how she looked after the small dose of patriarchy.

After she got punched, she went up to him after he was already leaving again. 

She wanted more.

Then she got thrown away like a side of beef, and after standing up, went after him again.

She’s not persistent, she’s masochistic.

All women are masochists. Deep inside, they crave a taste of men’s physical and intellectual superiority. They want to experience it in the flesh. That desire manifests itself in multiple ways, and when left unattended, it turns into social evils such as feminism, whining, sexual degeneration, childless dried-up whores, and more classics of the modern women.

Women are men’s property, and they want nothing more than to be put in their place.

I’m not telling you to beat women. You don’t need to. They’ll flip out on you the moment you stop treating them like superior beings, and refuse to give them privileges they didn’t earn. Chivalry was originally intended for virgins, for girls that keep their virtue and that are of good character.

Women nowadays don’t keep their virtue nor their good character. The suffering of childbirth is their only path to redemption.

Since they lack autonomy, they automatically succumb to the weight of the social engineering apparatus that Jews have been using against us for centuries, which resulted in Hollywood, Disney, pop culture, and other trash.

They can’t overcome the mind control without our help.

They need us to show them the way, to guide them, and to help them – by legitimately punching them in the face in self defense when they think they can attack us and win.

Just as raising kids is not saying yes to their every whim, taking care of women is not respecting them or listening to them, but watching what they do, and being firm with them.

Whores need tough love.

They’ll thank us later.