Watch: Diverse Cultural Enricher Gang Does Homophobic Acid Attack in London

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2019

One thing is for sure: the United Kingdom has a pretty diverse inventory of crimes and weapons. I guess that means diversity does work after all.

Daily Mail:

Shocking footage shows the moment a thug sprays clubbers with a ‘noxious substance’ in a mass brawl outside a nightclub.

Huseyin Onel, 24, squirted the liquid at the faces of revellers after they tried to stop an attack on man outside the venue in Hackney, east London. 

Huseyin Onel

Seven men were yesterday jailed for a total of nearly 60 years, with Onel sentenced for 17 years for applying a noxious substance causing grievous bodily harm, and three years on extended licence.

He was given nine years each for six counts of casting a noxious substance and three years for violent disorder to run concurrently.

Other members of the group – Mehmet Tekagac and Onur Ardic – were also involved in the corrosive substance attack.

Tekagac, 30, of Homerton, in east London was sentenced to 14-and-a-half years in prison for applying a noxious substance causing GBH, and an additional three years on extended licence.

He was sentenced to eight years for robbery and three years for violent disorder, to run concurrently.

Mehmet Tekagac

Ardic, 27, of Hackney was jailed for 14 years for applying a noxious substance causing GBH, plus three years on extended licence. He was also sentenced to three years for violent disorder, to run concurrently.

Onur Ardic

Guven Ulas, 20, of Barnsbury, North London, was sentenced to 30 months for violent disorder.

Guven Ulas

Mustafa Kiziltan, 30, of no fixed abode, but from the Hackney area, was jailed for three years for violent disorder and nine months for dangerous driving. He was also sentenced to three months, to run concurrently, for failing to stop.

Mustafa Kiziltan

Serkan Kiziltan, 22, of Hackney, was sentenced to 18 months for violent disorder.

Umit Kaygisiz, 21, of Hackney was sentenced to a total of 28 months in prison for violent disorder and attempting to convey a prohibited item into prison, namely a mobile phone.

Yasam Erdogan, 24 of Edmonton and Turgut Adakan, 23, of Hackney were handed 18-month sentences, suspended for two years, for violent disorder.

Yasam Erdogan

Turgut Adakan

Those are the faces and the names of the new Brits. That is what the United Kingdom looks like today, and what it sounds like. Pretty diverse, huh? There’s no denying the English are now dealing with diverse crimes and diverse criminals, but the way in which all of that diversity is making them stronger is not clear yet.

We should decide now if mystery strength from diversity is worth the diverse downsides, because at the rate this is going, our countries are going to be overrun by these diverse agents of cultural enrichment.

Immigration is not the only issue. The ones that already got in are reproducing and increasing their population at a higher rate than we grow ours.

Although “grow” may not be the right term for what we do, because many white countries are officially below population replacement rates.

They’re making a goblin army inside of our lands, and inside of our cities.

They may look harmless now, but don’t let their appearance fool you. Once they’re older, they’ll be the same as the vibrant adults, because they’re the same. Ruin runs through their veins, and if you give them the chance, sooner or later they’ll make it manifest.

Don’t let that happen. Kick them all out.