Watch: Leopard Pulls Man’s Pants Down, Terrorizes Hundreds of Indian Street Shitters to Save the Planet

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2019

Who would win? An angry leopard or hundreds of Indian street shitters?

See for yourself.

That is how useless those “people” are.


Terrifying footage shows a leopard attacking villagers as they ran for their lives.

The big cat mauled at least six people in northern India before it was locked inside a room.

Hundreds of people were seen chasing the enraged animal as rangers failed to tranquilize it.

Villagers pelted the leopard with rocks after they found it hiding in a house in Jalandhar in northern Punjab.

Yeah if you ever see a leopard chilling in a house or something, throw rocks at it. Make it angry.

What could possibly go wrong?

Mr Kumar said the animal entered a room in a building and was locked inside by the rangers.

The leopard was probably tired and decided he had enough, so he decided to lock himself up and do their work for them.

Conflicts between humans and animals are on the rise in India, where people have begun living in areas near and even inside reserves.

First they came for the leopard’s  land, and we did nothing…

How do you think India’s expansion ends?

They are contaminating the whole planet. They’re ruining land and sea.

…and they’re expanding.

This is how we deal with them. It’s a cost-effective solution. One brave leopard can take hundreds of Indians.

According to Wikipedia, India has about 1,324,171,354 Indians in it, so if a leopard takes about 200 Indians, that would mean about 6,620,856 would be needed to exterminate them.

Too many leopards?

It does sound like an egregious number of leopards. But think about it this way: leopards are beautiful and elegant creatures, Indians are mud-skinned automatons. If India has to have a population, what would you rather it be? Leopards or Indians?

Everything good about India is what remains of the Aryans that ruled there in the past. Indians don’t create anything, they just copy, and they’re not even good at copying. Actually, they’re pretty bad even at copying. The Chinese are good at stealing and copying ideas because although they lack the creativity and drive for invention we have, their IQ is high enough to understand and in some cases even optimize what we make.

What redeeming qualities does India have?

Trannies and pollution are not redeeming qualities.

Is there anything in India that would be a reason not to nuke them?

Sooner or later, we’ll have to deal with Indians. Even if they stay in India, we can’t allow them to continue damaging our planet from there. It was said that 95% of the plastic in the oceans come from just 10 rivers, and India is responsible for a great part of it.

Daily Mail, October 11, 2017:

Up to 95 per cent of plastic polluting the world’s oceans pours in from just ten rivers, according to new research.

The top 10 rivers – eight of which are in Asia – accounted for so much plastic because of the mismanagement of waste.

About five trillion pounds is floating in the sea, and targeting the major sources – such as the Yangtze and the Ganges – could almost halve it, scientists claim.

Funny, isn’t it? Our people are pushing for all this “save the planet!” climate change bullshit and doing all kinds of protest while the most damage, by a long shot, is not made by us.

Baby leopard votes for the six million leopards.

But baby leopard also likes nukes.

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