Watch: Mysterious Man in Black Suit Caught on Camera John-Wicking Three Criminals

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2019

It happened in Coronado, Costa Rica.

Mysterious man in a black suit stopped a robbery at a bank’s entrance and killed the three criminals involved. He initially tackled one of the robbers after the victim was attacked and a gun was dropped to the floor. He recovered the gun and what ensued is pretty much what you’d expect in a John Wick movie.

Criminals killed in the video are a father and his two sons.

Journalists doing the voice over in the video claim the man in the suit is a security guard from the bank and that the criminals had a picture of the victim.

The family of criminals took a selfie moments before they died.

Take a look at the dead beans.

In order: Carlos Quesada Ramirez, 46. Jessie Quesada Fuentes, 29.Daniel Quesada Fuentes, 21.

The man in the suit was hurt in the shootout. The video mentions he was shot three times.

He’s recovering in the hospital.

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