Watch: Pro-Baby Sacrifice Crowd Swarms White Man Who Doesn’t Want Women to Tear Babies Apart

Daily Stormer
May 23, 2019

Boris Kizenko, the executive director of High Schoolers for Freedom, a teenage Christian activist group, was recently swarmed and mobbed by a horde of the vicious savages we are being told have made our country “diverse and vibrant” at a pro-abortion rally in Washington, DC.

The incident was filmed.

It is sad that we have no Anglo-Saxons out there standing up for Christianity and freedom, and must send out a Russian lad, who is probably a first-generation immigrant.

But we are all Boris Kizenko.

And these people that swarmed him – they are all them. They are everything that is not us.

You’ve got everything in this four-minute clip.

An old white woman screams at him.

A seemingly gay negro joins the fold and starts having a breakdown about how men don’t get pregnant.

A fat old white bitch assaults him with a megaphone, talking about how he’s a scared little baby. She begins a “no vagina, no choice” chant that rolls through the crowd.

An individual with stupid-looking Marshall headphones – who appears to be an M-to-F tranny jacked up on juice, and resembles Eminem – gets up in his face and screams at him about so-called “rape victims.”

Two teams. One throws a tantrum, threatens and verbally abuses, while the other just stands there asking for a dialogue.

By the way: calling the one defending the lives of babies “little baby” while asking for the right to kill little babies is pretty dark.

What happens in that video is pretty much a micro-example of the larger situation white men are facing in the countries we’ve made. Blacks, browns, old women, angry Eminem creatures and obese monstrosities are harassing us and demanding we give in to degeneracy and embrace evil.

They’re all demanding that we stop resisting temptation.

They demand that we stop striving for the divine.

It’s not even about abortion. It’s about everything.

They corrupt our children.

They destroy our pride.

They ruin our streets and neighborhoods.

And they do all of that while living off the fruit of our labor.

They mock our civilized attempts at resisting.

They laugh in our faces when we try to have a conversation about what’s happening.

What is left for us to do?

What are we supposed to do?

We’re cornered.