Watch: Racist UK Police Taser Diverse-Skinned “Massive Machete” Salesman in Railway Station

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 15, 2019

Another day, another blade. British police appear to be on a hate crusade against these harmless kitchen utensils, first removing dueling swords from immortals and now this.

Daily Mail:

This is the moment a police officer tasered a 59-year-old man carrying a ‘massive machete’ after terrified commuters reported him running around a busy south London railway station at rush hour while ‘ranting’.

The footage, taken by a train passenger and shared to Twitter, shows the machete-wielding man being subdued by officers on a platform at Tulse Hill station at around 6.25pm.

There were no reported injuries, although police later said that the man had been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Suspicion of attempted murder? Why? He was just walking around with a big blade that was obviously for cutting up vegetables. Did they even try asking him if he was a chef before shooting the taser?

This level of pure hatred for the color of the skin displayed by the London police is quite unsettling.

Isn’t diversity our strength?

Arresting this diverse gentleman weakens the people by removing OUR STRENGTH from the streets!

Commuter Daniel Roberts tweeted: ‘Women screaming and station in small chaos as a guy at Tulse Hill Station has just been tasered by police after running around with a machete.

Must of had more than one weapon though as police seem to have multiple evidence bags.’

Jonewthan Yeary tweeted: ‘Man with a massive machete wandering back and forth at Tulse Hill station ranting.

‘Police have arrived, but may be worth avoiding the area.

Ash New, who commutes into central London from Tulse Hill every day, said he arrived at the station on his way home after the man had been detained.

The 27-year-old, who lives a few minutes from the station, said he saw police officers with bags collecting evidence on the opposite platform.

He also saw a number of people who looked ‘a bit shaken’ as they were being spoken to by police.

He said: ‘I think there was a lot of confusion. People were not really sure what was going on.’

Fitting way to put it. Basically describes the current overall situation of the West.

We have all these “people” running around our streets with machetes, speaking in weird monkey languages and asking for “gibs and vegene” while our people watch from the sidelines as more and more of this diversity is shoved down the throat of the beautiful civilization our forefathers have built.

The civilization we are supposed to protect is getting raped, just like our women.

Their presence is rape.

The borders we’re supposed to protect so our grandchildren have a land to call their own are getting raped.

Our women are getting manipulation-raped by the Jews into fucking niggers.

The Jews and their hordes of Mordor want to cuck us from the world we’ve built.

We’re not going to let them.

We’ll let all the Goyim know and there’ll be no place left for them to hide.