Romanian Warrior Bouncer Fights ‘At Least Nine’ Orcs Before Being Fatally Stabbed

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 2, 2019

The warrior spirit of the white man is still fighting. The flame is still inside of us.

Daily Mail:

The seconds before a bouncer was stabbed to death by a mob trying to gatecrash an exclusive New Year’s Eve party at a £12.5million Mayfair townhouse emerged online today.

Tudor Simionov, 33, was filmed fighting off up to nine men in the moments before he was murdered outside 80 Park Lane at 5.30am yesterday.

Mr Simionov is seen pushing the men away and throwing punches as the gang try to storm the luxury apartment block overlooking Hyde Park – but the Snapchat film ends before he was knifed in the chest.

The British are really tanned there.

Tudor had moved to the UK from Romania ‘for a better life’ just two months ago and his heartbroken girlfriend has revealed how they had intended to marry and start a family in 2019.

Madalina Anghel said: ‘Right now I can’t think about him in the past. He was my future husband and we came to London from Romania for a better life. I can’t explain in words how much pain I am in’.

Checking their physiognomy you can immediately notice they’re honest people that really just wanted to work and earn a better life for themselves and their future children. Future children that don’t exist anymore, along with all the hopes and dreams they had going to the United Kingdom. It’s all gone now.

Without the brave Tudor Simionov to guide her, his woman Madalina Anghel is likely to soon join the ranks of degenerate Western women and forget all about being a mother and the feminine future she had with this Romanian warrior. I hope she resists the calling of corruption and honors the man that died fighting to get a better life for them. But it’s not likely. Women are weak, and without a strong man to guide them… you know what happens.

Madalina Anghel.

An honest white man died because we’ve chosen to flood our countries with all kinds of filth from Africa, the Middle East, and Sub-America. Check the video again. See who — or what — he was fighting against.

Tudor Simionov wasn’t the only one to die in this tragedy. His lovely children that won’t ever be born also died with him. The loving wife that Madalina Anghel was going to turn into also died with him, alongside the caring mother she was going to be for his children.

Their beautiful white family died with him.

His warrior genes, his honest genes, his strong genes. Gone.

It’s all gone because we let it be taken away. It’s been taken away.

The creatures with dark skin are taking all of this away from us.

Anghel added in an interview with the Evening Standard today: ‘He was a really good man. We were happily and excitedly talking about having children together.

Club promoter Leroy Rose, 25, fought to save Mr Simionov’s life but said he only survived around a minute after being stabbed in the chest.

He told the Standard: ‘I saw him come back inside. He was in a suit and it was covered in blood. He didn’t have a protective vest or anything. I saw blood coming from his chest.

I pulled him into the back and grabbed a towel and held the wound. He never said a word, he was in a shock. He only survived for a minute. He was stabbed in the middle of the chest. He is a hero, he died trying to save his colleagues. He beat up about nine guys by himself.

With his bare hands.

Imagine how many he could have taken if he had had a knife.

Or a sword.

Two of the bouncers, along with a woman who worked at the venue booking tables, were also stabbed.

Mr Rose said the bouncer had actually been placed inside the venue to monitor security but left to help his colleagues by the door after a group of nine or more thugs tried to make their way in.

He said: ‘There was a fight outside and he came out to help. The security guards were getting beaten up and he went out to help them.

‘He helped those guys but he had only been out there for about 30 seconds when he was stabbed in the middle of the chest..

Who would you rather have by your side when shit hits the fan and the hordes of Mordor surround you?

Average Western “men” that will have an emotional breakdown trying to reconcile their NPC programming with the information their senses are receiving?

Or a masculine Romanian man that will jump straight into the fray without second thoughts to save your ass and fight by your side?

I saw him come back inside. I saw him bleeding and I said ‘come here, come here’ and I took him into the bathroom.

His suit was covered in blood and it was coming out of his chest. He wasn’t wearing a protective vest.

I grabbed a towel and held the wound. He never said a word to me. I think he was in shock. He only survived for about a minute.

‘He died in front of me with his eyes open, staring at me.

I then went into the hallway and everything was smashed. They had managed to kick down the door. There were other people on the floor stabbed. There was blood all over the floor.’

Of the Romanian-born security guard, Mr Rose said: ‘He was a nice guy. The nicest one of of all the security guards there.

He is a hero, he died trying to save his colleagues. He took on nine of them.’

Wake up, Romanian,
from your deadly sleep,
Into which you’ve been sunk,
by the barbaric tyrants.

Barbaric tyrants!

Now or never,
your fate renew,
To which your enemies,
will bow down

Your enemies will bow down!

Now or never,
let’s give proof to the world,
That in these veins still flows,
a Roman blood.

A Roman blood!

That in our chests,
we maintain pride in the name,
The victor in his battles,
the name of Trajan!

The name of Trajan!

Look, imperial shadows,
Mihai, Stefan, Corvinus,
The Romanian nation,
your great grandchildren.

Your great grandchildren!

With weapons to hand,
with fire in their veins,
“Life in freedom!”
“Or death!” shout all.

“Or death!” shout all.

Priests, lead with crucifixes!
This army is Christian;
The motto is liberty,
and its goal is holy.

And its goal is holy!

Better to die in battle,
in full glory,
Than to be slaves again,
on our ancient ground.

On our ancient ground!

Better to die in battle,
in full glory,
Than to be slaves again,
on our ancient ground.

On our ancient ground!