Watch: Sister Screams Desperately as Brother is Viciously Slashed in Gang ‘Machete’ Attack

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2019

Liverpool is getting pretty diverse.

Daily Mail:

A woman screamed in terror as her brother was viciously attacked by an armed gang and repeatedly slashed with a knife. 

Horrific footage shows the victim being cut with the blade, causing tears in his jeans, jacket and shirt.

The victim suffered stab wounds to his leg and back while his sister was also cut on the arm when one of the gang lashed out at her while fleeing. 

He was set upon by the gang while standing outside the Everydayz shop in Vauxhall, Liverpool, at around 6.15pm on Thursday.

A video filmed on a mobile phone shows the man lying helpless on the ground while a balaclava-clad attacker repeatedly thrusts the weapon at his back.

The sister can be heard pleading for them to stop and shouts ‘Call the police, call the police’ during the brutal assault.

The man’s red top is slashed open from neck to waist while the name Stephen is shouted as the attackers flee the scene.

Three men, armed with what was described as a ‘machete’ and a baseball bat, escaped the scene in a small van along Vauxhall Road out of the city.

This attack has nothing whatsoever to do with diversity. Knife and machete attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city.

Sure, Liverpool isn’t London.


This is true progress.

You’ll learn to appreciate the cultural richness that the West now enjoys thanks to the Jews and their hordes of Mordor. What would you kill when shit hits the fan if not orcs and other creatures of Sauron? Yeah, shit wouldn’t hit the fan if it weren’t for Jews and their claws, but that would be boring wouldn’t it?

You’ve been born in this time period that is about to get very fun for a reason.

Prepare yourself accordingly.