Watch: This Weird Little Trick Chinese Students Use to Keep Fit, Burn Fat! Doctors Hate Them!

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2019

China continues to show us what’s possible in current year.

Growing plants on the moon? Possible.

Taking Apple’s place as the second best-selling smartphone brand? Possible.

Blurring “Western” degeneracy on live TV? Possible.

Engaging children and keeping all of them fit, trim, happy, and healthy? Also possible.


A Chinese primary school teacher has taught his students the ‘shuffle’ dance in an effort to make them more motivated and to keep fit.

They even have a Great Wall, which they have had for a long time now.

See the classroom towards the end of the video? When was the last time you saw so many healthy-weight people in the same place? Not even one fat kid there.

Meanwhile in America…

Can you imagine the average American school teacher dancing like the fit Chinese teachers from the video?

The children dancing in the video are happy.

Why are we letting our youth grow wide? Why are we allowing these monstrosities to roam free and to perform visual terrorism on our streets?

China shows that things can be better, so let’s make them better.

If our women are not getting fit on their own, we’ll shame them. At least until we can physically force them to become fit without consequences. It’s a waste to let them ruin themselves.

When developed, their beauty is unmatched.

In order for that beauty to manifest, we have to stop them from ruining themselves.

Given the current Jewing of our society and laws, caging these whores until they burn all of their fat should be out of the question, but we can use both shaming and subtle comments to constantly bombard their mind with a clear message: fat will not be tolerated. Fat is worse than invisible.

Fat is terrorism.

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