Watch: Woman is Knocked Out by Man After She Spat at His Friends

Daily Stormer
October 21, 2019

This is from last year, but I think it’s important we all remember it.

Daily Mail:

This is the shocking moment a woman was knocked out by a single punch from a man after she spat at his friends.

The female was involved in a sweary altercation with a group of men before the perpetrator struck her while she was looking the other way.

While she was looking the other way, yes, but her facing this “perpetrator” wouldn’t have made any difference. Believe me.

According to social media users, the controversial footage was filmed after a night out in the seaside town of Cleethorpes in North East Lincolnshire.

As the clip begins, the men are heard telling the woman, dressed in a short dress-shirt, to ‘f*** off’ before shoving her away.

She then shouts back them and spits in their direction – but as she goes to turn away she’s sucker punched in the face by another man.

The woman is immediately sparked unconscious and drops to the floor in a crumpled heap

All women are strong and independent until a man throws a kamehameha straight into their faces.

Then they feel the consequences of Biology not being a social construct.

The footage, viewed 50,000 times in less than day, has divided opinion on whether the female deserved to have been hit.

One user commented: ‘Anyone who thinks this is OK is wrong. For a start she spits after being confronted by a group of lads, not just one.

‘She shouldn’t have spat, but that whole group of lads are a bunch of c**** for even confronting a woman by themselves.’

Another wrote: ‘Spitting is vile and she was clearly steaming so he should’ve walked away… that low blow was wrong. No fair fight here regardless of sex and what’s right or wrong.’

A third said: ‘Could have killed her with that punch. Even though she did spit there was no need for that.’

Another replied: ‘You always walk away from argument with female…..full stop,no excuse.’

These people are so living in the past.

If a man did what she did, the same would have happened, which means that knocking women out for spitting on people is Equality. This is what feminists wanted: women being treated the same as men.

This woman wasn’t attacked or sucker-punched — she was empowered!

Thinking of women as frail beings who shouldn’t be punched under any circumstance is just another manifestation of the Old Patriarchal Ways, and you know, we’re in the business of tearing down the patriarchy.

The time for civility is over.


Mona Eltahawy urges that radical steps need to be taken in order to dismantle patriarchy, including the use of “justifiable violence” against men.

The Egyptian-American journalist and activist argues that being civil, respectful and polite should no longer be options for women and girls.

Politeness upholds the power of patriarchy,” she told Out in the Open host Piya Chattopadhyay. “I want patriarchy to fear feminism. I want patriarchy to fear women.”

We have to aggressively tear down the patriarchy now.

Tough women will lead the way.