We Did It! Neon-Nazi Mole Has Infiltrated Congress!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 5, 2018

Victory lap, lads!

We have a secret mole in Kavanaugh’s camp. She’s going to be running with our White Nationalist agenda. Don’t believe me? Observe.

Yes, yes, YES!

Our agents continue to spread out and infiltrate American Democracy. 

There’s no stopping our march through the institutions.

We’ve even got Latinas with Jewish fathers like Zina Bash on our side. They too have embraced our radical message of bowlcut terror.

Dubious? Well, the Pepe Salute is unmistakable.

I’d put a Pepe here now to demonstrate the original Pepe Salute, but it is now illegal and banned in Europe, and I don’t want our European readers to go to jail, lest they mistakenly view a Pepe.

I can only post a very abstract sketch of the Pepe salute.

Kids, don’t show this to your parents. You might get into a lot of trouble.

Europeans, don’t save this onto your computer. You’ll get twenty years.

Americans, don’t show this in Congress. They’ll find out you’re a right-wing Neon-Nazi mass-terrorist.

Bide your time instead.

And then cut your hair into a bowl when you’re ready to strike. That way, we will know that our time has come.