We Should be Supporting Murdering Babies and Selling Their Body Parts

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2015

If Planned Parenthood goes under, where the hell are we going to get the baby body parts we need for our research and cosmetics?
If Planned Parenthood goes under, where the hell are we going to get the baby body parts we need for our research and cosmetics?

Over at the Washington Post, we have yet another feminist defending selling baby body parts. And like the others, she says “they aren’t actually doing it – it is good that they are doing it.

The narrative itself is almost scarier than killing babies and selling the parts.

This cow, Petula Dvorak, first says that they’re not selling the parts because they’re only making a little bit of money (?), though the amount of money they say they are making has yet to be independently confirmed (and presumably won’t be).

Look at this bit here:

Women aren’t being persuaded to have abortions and then sell the organs. Fetuses aren’t being harvested for parts. And every one of those donations happens only if the woman consents to legal procedures.


Women aren’t being persuaded to sell the organs – Women are also not being told the organs will be sold.

Fetuses aren’t be harvested for parts – in fact that is exactly what is happening, regardless of how much they are charging.

The “donations” (what she calls baby organs being sold to research companies) happen after women consent to the procedure – well, no one has accused them of rounding women up off the street and forcing them to have abortions.

Obviously, you do give abortions to girls who are under the legal age to give consent to sex with a male over 18 (or buy alcohol or cigarettes) – so the issue of consent is legally confusing, given that it is an established norm that a girl under 16 does not posses the ability to give consent – and then sell these girls’ baby’s organs to biotech firms.

She then moves on talking about how great abortion is and how people must support it, trying and Jew us over with statistics.

After the sting video this week, the governors of Texas, Louisiana, Indiana and Georgia demanded investigations into the Planned Parenthood centers in their states. They couldn’t stand hearing the details of a legal medical procedure.

But it’s interesting that they can stand hearing another horrific fact: Texas and Louisiana have some of the country’s highest childhood poverty rates: Twenty-five percent of Texas children and 28 percent of kids in Louisiana are growing up dirt poor, according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Kids Count Data Center.

The argument that you should kill poor children has always seemed weird to me coming from liberals, given that it is part of a caricature liberals make of the right wing –

– but that weirdness aside, the argument doesn’t take into account ethnicity.

Check it. She mentions Texas.

Latinos are almost equal to Blacks as the poorest group of poor children in that state.


And yet, Latinos have an incredibly low rate of abortion in comparison to their pregnancy rate.

CDC 2005
CDC 2005

And with Blacks the situation is similar (though they do have more abortions, it doesn’t stem the tide). Whites have a much higher abortion rate (per pregnancy) and a much lower pregnancy rate.

This is the Most Morbid Bloody Thing

This whole baby body parts scandal really has me down.

I used to watch Hellraiser movies as a kid. They almost perfectly presented (in symbolic form, of course) this darkness which exists on the far corners of the human experience. They were written and produced by Clive Barker, a homosexual intellectual who would surely have a greater understanding of this darkness than most.


It now very often feels that this exact type of darkness has now swallowed reality. That we are living in the deepest sort of evil, which we used to only be able to glimpse at a few critical junctures in our lives.

It is just so horrible, the idea that this killing and cutting up of babies, packaging them and shipping them to labs, is happening on a mass scale and that people don’t care, or will in fact support it.

It’s heavy stuff.