WE WON: 2/3rds of Millennials Don’t Know or Care Wtf “Auschwitz” Is

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2018

The greatest part of this is that I guarantee you the better part of the 1/3rd that does know what “Auschwitz” is are DS and /pol/ readers who are like “yeah, that’s the workcamp in Poland where the lying kikes claim they got gassed.”


Holocaust survivor Marie Silverman will never stop telling people, especially the younger generation, the pain and suffering she endured when she was just nine years old.

Well, she’s gonna stop sometime.

And she’s in her 90s, so that’s gonna be probably pretty soon.

Every time Silverman tells her story, she is transported back in time.  Her memories are just as vivid as they were all those years ago. She is taken back to the places where she hid from the Germans, the gap in the barbed wire fence where she made a daring escape with her mother and sister from a concentration camp.

Yes, one of the many, many, many famed “daring escapes.”

Because while the Germans built an inhuman killing machine which ran with absolute efficiency, they had a big issue with women and children breaking out of their camps, Steve McQueen style, and running into the woods to spend years eating bugs, only to show up decades later in Beverly hills.

It’s know as the “Auschwitz to Beverly Hills pipeline.”

“Very emotional for me… my grandparents’ aunts and uncles were all executed by the Nazis,” Silverman said.  

ABC Action News showed Silverman new statistics released by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

They interviewed 1,350 American adults in February recruited by telephone and an online non-probability sample.

Two-thirds of American millennials surveyed in a recent poll cannot identify what Auschwitz is.

Anti-Semites rn

When asked to identify what Auschwitz is, 41 percent of respondents and 66 percent of millennials could not come up with a correct response identifying it as a concentration camp or extermination camp.

“What you are telling me is really unbelievable that today they shouldn’t know about it,” Silverman said. “They don’t know about it.  Kids read it, it doesn’t mean a thing, it’s a piece of paper. But when they see me speaking, come up to me and they touch me, it’s real to them.”

Yes, I’m sure you’re a very good actor.

I remember when one of you old kike fucks came to my elementary school. It was very emotional. What with the pictures of piles of dead bodies. As an 8-year-old.

But that’s over now.

The hoax is dead.

And without the hoax, there simply is no Jewish privilege.

It’s over.




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