We Wuz Dallz: Canadian Citizens Outraged Negro Dolls are Cheaper Than White Dolls

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2016

we wuz dallz

It had to have been a White woman that noticed and complained about this.


A Calgary woman says dolls she found at Toys “R” Us were identical except for skin colour and price, and wonders if it was a racist pricing choice.

She asked why the so-labeled “ethnic” version of the “You & Me Kissing Doll” was $2 cheaper than the identical white doll.

“The woman at the store said she was aware of the issue and that management had raised it with corporate but so far corporate had done nothing about it and she seemed embarrassed about it but it wasn’t in her control to change the price,” said Carolyn Wadsworth, prenatal educator.

Wadsworth sometimes buys dolls to help teach prenatal education, but was disturbed by these ones.

“The black baby is not as valuable as the white one,” she said. “I feel that’s the message it’s sending and it’s certainly one kids might receive.”

CTV asked the management of the company both locally and at the Ontario headquarters about the dolls but received no explanation. Marketing experts say whether conscious or not, decisions like this are costly for companies.

This has happened before.

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Nobody wants Black dolls.

It also reminds me of famous internet pic showing another Black product getting different treatment.

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Ah, Blacks.

What would we do without them?

Seriously though, not a rhetorical question – what would we do without them?

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