Wealthy Britcucks Putting Up Walls to Ward Off Their Precious Diversity

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2018

I thought walls didn’t work?

In America, we build walls and deport them all.

In the UK, they build walls and give them all jobs at the BBC.

I guess that’s a cultural difference there, but it’s still progress.

Daily Star:

Shocking pictures show large wooden barricades have been put up around property in the posh West London neighbourhood.

You know these rich Britfags all voted for mass immigration parties, and whine about how horrible Trump is while eating crumpets at their little tea parties.

“Oh, dear. What shall we do about these poor colored people?”

The famous annual carnival celebrating British African-Caribbean will see hundreds of thousands of people flock to the area to enjoy the colourful parade and street food.

But the event has been marred with violence in the past, with multiple stabbings and violent attacks occurring previously.

Oh, jeez, you get a bunch of brown people together to “celebrate their heritage” and they immediately start stabbing each other and throwing acid around.

And kicking, too. Never forget the kicking.

Fortunately, this year you also had negros who understood the true spirit Black culture, and just slathered themselves in tar while brandishing bloody skulls and various weapons.

This definitely belongs in Britain.

It’s mind-boggling that ordinary brits would want to build walls around their property in order to shield themselves from such vibrancy.

And this year, cops are reportedly taking no chances with thousands of officers set to monitor revellers.

Pictures of revellers at this year’s carnival are already going viral on social media.

Yeah, people the world over are fascinated by displays of authentic British culture such as this:

God bless the Queen.

Police will also be carrying water bottles and acid detecting kits amid fears of a repeat of last year when multiple people were sprayed with a corrosive liquid.

Hey, you can’t truly celebrate without melting a few people’s faces off, can you?

Residents and shop-owners are not taking any chances, with one company saying staff are working 15-hour days to keep up with demand for plywood barriers.

David McClure, a worker at company AES, told MailOnline: “We started on Thursday, we have to do today (Saturday) and we have about 160 shops to board up.

“But that’s just our company – there are others doing the exact same.

This is obviously motivated by the brits’ hardcore racism. They’re trying to deny these vibrants their culture, by preventing them from destroying their homes and businesses in a traditional Afro-Caribbean riot.

“It’s disgusting when you come to take it down but the council do clean it up pretty quick.

“They use these as urinals, it’s disgusting the stuff they leave around.”

Pissing everywhere is also another expression of Black culture. Even mentioning it underlines these people’s Euro-centric prejudices.

Upper-class, posh British people have to learn to build bridges, not walls. They should just build a bridge right from the festival to their living rooms next year, and learn to truly partake in the vibrancy that diversity can provide.