Weed is Legal in Canada, But Canadians Still Prefer the Illegal Kind

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2018

Remember when Canada made a big hullabaloo about legalizing weed?

I ‘member.

Because I wrote about it.

Here’s what I said:

You can get weed easy anywhere in North America. You don’t even necessarily have to deal with niggers to get it anymore. In fact, I bet these people will go right back to buying from their dealers because it’s cheaper than brick and mortar licensed places.

No, this is about shoving their degeneracy in the noses of normal people. That’s why they’re celebrating.

I also said the following:

I’m just going to pretend that Canada doesn’t exist anymore.

So, I’m breaking that promise to gloat a little. Because I was right. It was an easy call, but still, I’m taking credit where credit is due.


A marijuana frenzy that has swept through Canada since weed was legalized last month has caused shortages, forcing fans to turn back to the black market.

Canada legalized marijuana for both recreational and medical use on October 17, allowing adults to possess up to 30 grams of pot and to grow up to four plants for personal use.

The country’s postal service is in the midst of a strike, which is putting further strain on the creaking supply chain. There is a government-run website to order marijuana, but it isn’t delivering.

The shortages are so bad that government-run shops in Quebec were forced to close from Monday to Wednesday in an effort to free up more supplies. Reports of dispensaries running out of weed and limiting opening hours are coming from all corners of the country.

The government is facing criticism for its failure to prepare. One of the reasons cited for legalizing recreational use was that the black market would be quashed as a result, something that looks unlikely to happen anytime soon.


Legalization fags eternally BTFO’d.

But then, I don’t think they ever believed that crap about how it would actually reduce crime by cutting off the black market.

They just wanted to get high, lmao.

And I feel bad for anyone that was convinced by these druggies’ arguments.

See, I never take legal or economic analyses from druggies seriously. These people don’t have valid opinions on anything except various innovative methods to get high.

Believing what these people predicted about weed legalization was just ridiculous.

They’re like niggers and math in that sense. Would you ever cheat off a black guy on a math test? Would you believe in his answer? Even if he was genuinely trying, would you take his earnest advice?

If you do, you’re stupid, and probably just a drugged out Canadian. 

So yeah.

Nothing has changed in Canada.

They gave the degenerates their free weed, and it changed nothing. They went right back to the cheap stuff once the euphoria died down.

But they scored the (im)moral victory.

That’s what they wanted. That’s what this was all about. And that’s why drug legalization is a stupid and counter-productive idea.