Weird Hong Kong CIA Faggots Shoot Cop with an Arrow

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2019

These Hong Kong terrorists are getting weirder.

Who shoots bows and arrows?

Is this Baldur’s Gate?


A Hong Kong police officer was shot with an arrow on Sunday during the siege of a fortified central university campus, a new escalation after nearly six months of demonstrations in the fiercely divided city.

Hundreds of protesters with bricks, petrol bombs and makeshift barricades are holding off riot police on roads surrounding the campus in the city’s Hung Hom district, just across Victoria Harbor from Hong Kong Island. The authorities have responded with tear gas and water cannons in skirmishes that heated up Sunday afternoon.

As violence has escalated in recent days, protesters have begun using bows and arrows against the police and authorities said a media liaison officer was hit in the leg with an arrow during a skirmish Sunday afternoon.

He is conscious and has been sent to hospital for treatment, according to a police statement.

China is gonna have to do something here.

We’re right up on a Maidan-type situation here, lads.