Weird Pervert Former President of Spicland Produces Sick and Cringe Anti-Trump T-Shirt for Profit

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2018

This is the grossest t-shirt I’ve ever been witness to, and I’ve been to tattoo conventions that had a bunch of BDSM people at them.

So I’ll tell you what – I’ve seen my fair share of gross t-shirts.

Daily Caller:

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox is hawking a new line of anti-Trump t-shirts, and he’s hoping the “Resistance” won’t be able to resist.

The shirts were created as a way to raise money for Fox’s nonprofit organization. They depict President Trump as a baby wearing a soiled American flag diaper and building a wall with Lego-style toy blocks. “Can’t build a wall if your hands are too small,” the shirts say, playing on a 2016 presidential campaign joke used by Marco Rubio during one of their debates.

The shirt is purportedly to raise money for Centro Fox, a group that seeks to, according to the organization’s website, “develop training for leaders dedicated to serving their community in Mexico and Latin America.”

If it’s to help people do things in Latin America, then wtf does it have to do with Donald Trump???

Why don’t they just stay down there and develop???

Do these spics not think it looks weird that they are so aggressive in their demands that they be allowed to flood our country?

Do they even think about what this looks like?

Because look – if they were saying “okay, let’s just dissolve the border, you can all come down here too and work and start businesses” – that would be consistent.

But they never would say that. Instead, they say that this should be one-way, and we just have to deal with it, or we are evil racists.

If we were allowed to go down there with impunity and do business, we would very quickly take over all of their systems – economic and political. Because we are so much more competent than them, due to superior genetics.

We would buy up property and create white-only areas, where the lax laws of Mexico would allow us to do basically whatever we want and immediately begin various profitable enterprises that would allow us to begin to infiltrate and take over their government, quickly.

So basically, the entire sum of their thing is: “you have to give us special treatment because we are genetically inferior to you.”

That is, I guess, what communism is.

But it is all so whiny.

These people have an entire country to themselves, which they control, and they have completely failed to create anything other than a shithole out of it. And so they are saying “you have to let us in your country, because we have totally fucked up our own, and this is really shitty for us and we don’t like it.”

The entire thing is “we demand access to white people, and if you don’t let us access you, you are evil.”

Why do they have this right to access us?

Why can we not have our own thing?

Is it really “because Hitler”?