Welcome to Trumpland: Terrorists and Other Infiltrators Feeling the Heat

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 13, 2016


We know that at least one of the Moslems who claimed she had been “hate attacked” was hoaxing it. I assume the same is true with any of the physical attacks or threats these people are claiming.

But people getting yelled at?

I know that is real, because I’ve been telling people to do it.

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Again: Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer are totally against violence and threats, and you should be too. Anything illegal just helps these racial enemies gain sympathy. However, mean words are powerful in that they demoralize the enemy, and encourages other White people to come to the conclusion that it is now acceptable to call for the total removal of non-whites from our base.

At the same time, when they report these mean words, they look like pathetic crybabies, which simply makes them more disgusting to normal people.

Washington Post:

A Muslim teacher in a Georgia high school said someone left her an anonymous note in her classroom on Friday, telling her that her “headscarf isn’t allowed anymore.”

The note, scribbled in black ink, also told her to “tie” her headscarf around her neck and “hang yourself with it.”

The note ended with the word “America” along with a drawing of the American flag.

Mairah Teli, a teacher at Dacula High School in Gwinnett County, located outside Atlanta, posted a picture of the note to her Facebook page Friday.



“As a Muslim, I wear a headscarf as a practice of my faith. I want to share this to raise awareness about the reality and climate of our community. Spreading hate isn’t going to ‘make America great again,’” she wrote.

Sloan Roach, a spokeswoman for the Gwinnett County Schools, said in a statement that school officials are working to find out who wrote the note.

“We take a threat against a staff member a serious matter,” Roach said.

It isn’t a threat.

There is no threat.

He just said he thinks she should hang herself – this is called a “sentiment.”

It’s unclear at this time whether the person who wrote it was inspired by Donald Trump’s election to the presidency, but Teli’s post on Facebook assumed as much.

“I feel children feel safe making comments that are racist or sexist because of him,” she told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Just imagine what it’s going to be like when he’s actually serving as President and organizing deportations.


This is going to get a lot more extreme than it is right now.

We have a mandate to remove you filthy animals from our country.

The incident comes as similar incidents involving harassment and hateful messages against people from certain backgrounds were reported in other parts of the country following Trump’s victory.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there have been more than 200 incidents of harassment and intimidation since Trump was elected. Many were directed toward African Americans, immigrants, Muslims and the LGBT community.

The nonprofit group tallied individual incidents reported on the news and on social media, as well as those reported directly to the organization’s website. The center, however, cautioned that not all incidents involved direct references to Trump, and not every incident could be independently verified. Many of the incidents were vandalisms, while others involved direct attacks.

In Ohio, a Muslim woman, her children and elderly parents were threatened by a man while they were stopped at a traffic light, according to the Ohio chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. The man allegedly approached the family’s car, banged on the window, and told the woman that she “doesn’t belong in this country” — while yelling obscenities and taking pictures of her children.

Note: When confronting these terrorists, don’t bang on the window or make any physical gesture which can be viewed as indicating a physical threat.

We want all SPLC reports to be only about mean words, with all of the physical attack ones being exposed as hoaxes.

There is nothing illegal about yelling at people as long as you don’t make threats.

In Pennsylvania, students were seen on video holding a Trump sign and parading through the hallways of their York County school. One student shouted “white power,” police said. Minority students at the York County School of Technology said the harassment has been an issue for a month but has gotten worse since Trump was elected.

Victorria Markle, who is part black, told the York Dispatch that other students have called her the n-word and have threatened to kill her. Eibreha Drayden, who is part Mexican, said students have called her “Papi” and whistled at her like a dog.


NEW RULE: Passably attractive Mexican papis can stay temporarily, as long as they agree to work as volunteer hookers (they can keep 30% of their tips – the rest goes to THE WALL building fund). This will help us on the “abolish feminism” front. But then they have to leave when they turn 24.

In Michigan, students at Royal Oak Middle School chanted “build the wall” during lunch period in their school’s cafeteria. A Facebook video that appears to show the incident had been viewed 10 million times as of Saturday.

In Georgia’s DeKalb County, located next to the county where Teli teaches, a teacher was removed from class after allegedly going on a racist tirade against undocumented immigrants, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The Washington Post was unable to immediately contact Teli on Saturday.

Teli, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, is a California native who grew up in Gwinnett County and teaches language arts at Dacula High School.

She told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that after receiving the note, she told her students that she would be happy to speak with them about why she wears a headscarf.

How about this: you go back, then record a YouTube video explaining why you wear the headscarf. Anyone who wants to know can click the YouTube link. I personally don’t care.

Creating a Climate of Open Hostility

This SPLC/ADL agenda to publicize people’s mean words about Moslems et al can serve our agenda. We just have to make sure their reports don’t involve anything illegal, and the ones that do are exposed as hoaxes.


These people are mass-murdering us at our marathons, in our autism centers and in fag nightclubs (last one is pretty lolsy, but still) – and then they want to whine about hurt feelings. It’s a bad image.

We are trying to create a situation where the masses want Islam outlawed and all of these people to have their citizenship stripped from them and be physically removed. Trump will do this if the people want him to do it. We have to get the people to the place where they are demanding it.

The goal is to have the 1965 Immigration Act overturned, and have it ruled that everyone issued citizenship under this act received it through fraud. We will be able to do this legally through the Supreme Court.

We already have one opening, and the Jew Bader Ginsburg is 83, the Jew Stephen Breyer 78. It’s possible that both of them will be gone in the first term. We’re going to be able to ram through anything we want.

And we do have Constitutional authority to strip these people of citizenship.

The Preamble of said document reads:

WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

“Posterity” means “descendants” – not random brown people from anywhere.

Our Founding Fathers assumed everyone would understand this obvious fact.


Benjamin Franklin: Tom, don’t you think we need to explicitly state that kikes, niggers, sand-niggers, zipperheads and wetbacks should be excluded from citizenship?

Thomas Jefferson: roflmao, yeah, let’s also explicitly state “the sky is blue” and “horses have four legs.” Come on, Ben, the damn thing is long enough, I’m not trying to fill it up with a bunch of obvious statements which will always be obvious to any normal person.

John Adams: He’s right, fam. Ain’t nobody gonna believe a bunch of slave-owning shitlords intend for rats and monkeys to be considered human. If we make this shit too effortpoasty, we’re gonna look like autists and get trolled.

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