Well This is a Grand Idea

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2018

And here I thought that the Daily Beast was trying to be more serious than the likes of WaPo, The Guardian and NYT and not go nuts with the “THESE PEOPLE ARE LITERAL TATTOOED NAZI SKINHEADS” bit when talking about anti-immigration parties in Europe.

Whatever the case, I hope this isn’t fake news.

Half-cucked or not, populist parties taking over the intelligence agencies of any Western country would be awesome 2 the maxx.

Daily Beast:

A slow-simmering scandal in Austria has brought into public view potentially disastrous divisions among Western intelligence agencies. As far-right politicians have joined coalition governments in Austria and Italy and taken ministerial positions in charge of security and law enforcement, concerns have grown among intelligence professionals that they will ignore or even encourage the threat of violent ultra-right extremists.

The extreme right is now in charge of the interior ministries in both Vienna and Rome, putting conspicuous pressure on the intelligence services. In Austria, there have even been police raids on the homes and offices of top intelligence service staffers.

Already, at least some intelligence sharing between Germany and Austria appears to have been curtailed, and the relationship between Italy’s extreme-right-wing interior minister Matteo Salvini and other major European countries is severely, publicly strained. French President Emmanuel Macron last week likened the rise of such populists to “leprosy all across Europe.”

At the same time, these far-right politicians’ open friendliness toward Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, the KGB veteran who may have helped some of them get elected, raises grave security issues for the NATO alliance. And the fact that right-wing U.S. President Donald Trump appears to be playing a similar game—trying to discredit U.S. intelligence professionals while flirting with Putin—greatly heightens the sense of alarm.

Far-right groups and political parties across Europe have close ties to Russia and may be sponsored by the Kremlin. Some even have close links to Russian intelligence services, said Carpenter. So for these groups to head the intelligence services charged with protecting their countries from foreign meddling is “like the fox guarding the henhouse,” said Carpenter. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

Yeah, hopefully Russia has the nerve to act on that. Generally, they don’t seem to want to act on anything. Which might have been a sensible position a few years ago, but they’ve already been blamed for all this fake shit, they might as well start doing real spy shit. If you’re going to do the time, you might as well do the time, as Nietzsche said.

Generally, intelligence agencies exist as independent agents, capable of maintaining independence from the elected government due to the necessarily secret nature of their operations. That’s where the whole “deep state” thing comes from in large part.

But theoretically, these people can still be strong-armed, if the will exists.

If anyone has the will it is CAESAR SALVINI.