“We’ve Got Him Surrounded.”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 11, 2016


Now is the time to surrender, Paul. Ask for a pardon. Beg for a pardon. Get down on your knees and beg.

All of my favorite scenes from The Dark Knight Rises are on reply in my mind 24/7 now.

Yes, I also mean when I’m dreaming. Though I haven’t slept much in the last 96 hours, tbh fam.


Just days ago, Paul Ryan was campaigning for the Republican ticket but barely mentioning Donald Trump’s name.
Now, he’s putting his differences behind them and embraced the President-elect at a midday meeting on Capitol Hill to chart out plans to help him enact a sweeping conservative agenda.

Trump, Ryan, Vice President-elect Mike Pence and future First Lady Melania Trump ate lunch at the Capitol Hill Club and then headed to the speaker’s office for a meeting. Ryan rolled out the red carpet for Trump, taking him out to his balcony in his Capitol office, which overlooks the Washington Monument, and the platform under construction where Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president. Ryan also pointed out Trump’s new hotel which recently opened and was visible from the balcony.

Sitting at a conference table flanked by Pence and Melania Trump, Ryan described “a fantastic, productive meeting.” He told reporters he and the President-elect discussed how “we’re going to hit the ground running” and then, borrowing a phrase from Trump, said they would “make America great again.”

Trump talked about his eagerness to join forces with the speaker to begin implementing new policies.

“We can’t get started fast enough. And whether its health care or immigration, so many different things, we will be working on them very rapidly,” Trump said.

Later on Thursday, Ryan told Fox News’ Bret Baier he looked forward to working with Trump on his administration’s platform.

He says he’s not worried.

He sure looks worried.

Disgusting sycophantic pervert.


You might as well dive under the bus, Ryan – before you get thrown under it.

Get under the bus with at least a microscopic fragment of dignity.

“Being in Congress without having the White House has been extremely frustrating because we haven’t been able to get things done,” he said. “We have a unified Republican government. We can actually get things done for the people of this country. We now have that.”

Ryan refused to say whether he agreed with Trump’s stance of building a border wall, which is a stance he campaigned on heavily during the election.

“I’m in favor of securing the border and I do believe that we need to have physical barriers on the border,” Ryan said. “I would refer to the experts on what is the right way to actually secure the border. And remember, it’s not just border security, you have to have interior enforcement.”

Ryan cannot be forgiven, at all.

Right now, Trump has to show that he’s stable. But Ryan is a massive liability. He is a bought and paid-for shill who will stab Trump in the back every chance he gets, as he has done over and over and over again in the last year.

I agree with Trump’s approach here. I think he needs to go in as a benevolent conqueror, ready to seek alliances with vanquished foes. And for some of these foes, I think an alliance is fine.

It is a sign of strength to ally with your vanquished.

The Christie alliance was obviously fine. They were enemies not too long ago.

But this rule doesn’t apply to everyone.

A few people this rule does not apply to:

  • Paul Ryan
  • Megyn [sic] Kelly
  • John McCain
  • John Kasich
  • The Jews
  • Ted Cruz
  • David French

These are people that cannot be trusted and so much be removed.

We’re going to start a campaign to have Kelly fired soon. She’ll get a job at some other network, but it won’t work out, and forever it will be known that her opposition to Trump destroyed her life and career.

Republican Presidential Candidates Particpate in Fox News Debate in Iowa

Nothing has to be done about David French, he’s already doomed himself to irrelevancy, just like all of the other “conservative” commenters.

Ryan needs to be forced out of the Speaker of the House position and then he needs to be voted out of Congress completely. The rest of them need voted out as well.

But get a load of this: did you know anyone can run for Speaker of House? I wasn’t aware of this until Mike Enoch told me on the Daily Shoah on Wednesday night.

Currently, Paul Nehlen, who challenged Ryan in Wisconsin, is running for this office.


I’d like to see him win.