Wew, That was SAVAGE Madam Hopkins!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2017

Katie Hopkins has been tweeting a bunch of shit-tier pro-kike gibberish lately.

But this makes up for it.

He should also apologize for Swedish gang-rapes, 911 and welfare fraud.

Twisted, evil little cave monkey.

Imagine how insane the earth is that that creature is running London.

That is where we are at.

Can you imagine if Mel Gibson was the Mayor of Tokyo, constantly talking about how Japanese he was, while also constantly condemning the local population as evil and demanding they give up their wealth, property and futures of their children to infinity terrorist/gang-rapist Ukrainian immigrants who had declared a holy crusade against Japanese Buddhism?

And then he dressed up in a Chinese outfit for a photo-op with a super serious face and then condescendingly demanded, using his official “Mayor of Tokyo” Twitter account, that the government of Japan apologize for Nanking?

Ah well.


Fuck it.

I’m not doing those sorts of analogies anymore.