What a Ripoff! Belgium’s New Jewish Mommy PM Does Not Have Khazar Milkers!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2019

Are you lads ready?

There’s a new mommy in charge. And she’s Jewish. 

But this one does NOT, I repeat does NOT come with a nice set of Khazar milkers.

In other words, there is literally nothing redeeming about his reptile.

Kiss your dreams goodbye.

We can’t even have a well-endowed Khazar mommy lording it over us.

That would be asking for too much.

Jerusalem Post:

Sophie Wilmes is the first woman and the first Jewish person to become the prime minister of Belgium.

Wilmes, a mother of four from the Brussels region, replaced Charles Michel on Sunday in the top post. The centrist politician will head a caretaker government during negotiations on the formation of a coalition, which in Belgium has been known to take months.

Wilmes’ mother is Ashkenazi Jewish and lost several relatives in the Holocaust, Philippe Markiewicz, the president of the Consistoire organization of Belgian Jewry, confirmed Monday to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

“She hid her Jewish identity, though it seems to be a private detail from her biography and not something connected to any policy-making aspect,” he said.

Wilmes’ father, Philippe, was a lecturer at the Catholic University of Louvain and is not Jewish.
Markiewicz described Wilmes, who has attended Holocaust commemoration events and highlighted them on her personal website, as “an industrious and committed politician.”

One source from the Jewish community, a member of Wilmes’ party who spoke to JTA on condition of anonymity, said that Judaism became only recently “a more important factor than before” in Wilmes’ life.

A yenta PM in one of the most anti-Jew countries in Europe. Belgium has virulent hubs of anti-Semitism like Molenbeek in it!

It does beg the question: what is even the point of importing hostile hordes of Moslems if they still put a shrill, bony yenta in charge anyway?

And if we must have a Jewish mommy in charge, can’t they at least be open about it and let us at least vote on the basis of that criteria?

I, for one, would feel much better about the situation if Ben Shapiro’s sister was in charge.

Some great milkers on that one.

Facts and Logic Man can come along too, I suppose.

Put some milkers on him, and all of a sudden he doesn’t seem so bad either.

He might be able to get the Moslems to riot at least, if nothing else.