What is Happening Here with All of This?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 27, 2015

Cheer up then mate.  It's a hologram.
Cheer up then, mate. It’s all a hologram.

Hello.  I am sure you are wondering what is happening with all of this.

I am wondering also.  For instance, why does the site look like this?

If you understand why this is happening, please tell me in the comments section.

Is it party time yet?
Is it party time yet? If not, just call me when the partying starts.

Just messing with you, guys.  I know what’s happening.  Sort of.

As we reported two days ago, Daily Stormer has serious technical problems.  What I have done is sort of fix these problems, but not really.  As I said, the estimated time we’ll be fully functional is the weekend.

As it turns out, we might be able to get things functioning a bit before that.  Though I can’t make any promises.  We will still need to move the site, as well as do a whole bunch of backend stuff, but if we can get it basically running, we can hold off on that for another week or so.  My plan was to combine these two downtimes into one long downtime, but it might not be necessary.

Donation Drive

We are also doing a donation drive to try and pay for this maintenance.  Hilariously enough, we have no way to receive these donations we are asking for.  I would be the first one to admit this situation is stupid, but this is also the story of my life.

It's not really funny, guys.
It’s not really funny, guys.

I asked people to use Bitcoin when I announced the donation drive, and I thank those who were able to figure it out.  But most probably were not.  And that’s understandable.

The Bitcoin address, for those who could figure it out, is this:


And for those who can’t figure it out, you can send money – of all non-African currencies – as well as checks, money orders, international money orders, cashier’s checks and so on here:

Andrew Anglin
6827 N. High Street, Suite 121
Worthington, Ohio

That is not my home address, by the way, but the address of a box at my father’s office.  The SPLC was very interested in this, and took it upon themselves to harass my entire family over it, but my father has let me keep the box.

So, hopefully some more bitcoin comes in, if not, I’ll just pay the bills and hope money comes in the mail.

Say what?
Say what?

Speaking of money coming in the mail, I wanted to publicly thank Barry for sending in $400.  I failed to properly thank him privately, as I couldn’t find his email, so I am doing it publicly.  Thank you, Barry, and God bless you.

Disappearing Comments and Whatever

Comments appear to have been disappearing with updates being done to our FUBAR databases, and I am not certain if that issue is resolved.  There could also be other weird things happening.  Please inform me of disappearing comments or other types of weirdness.

Please also inform us of any leads you may have on rare Pepes.
Please also inform us of any leads you may have on rare Pepes.

In Closing, I Shall Summarize

We will be fully active by the end of this weekend at the latest, but may be active as soon as 12 hour or even less than that.

This whole thing started when I tried to get a cheap techie guy to do something about the resource hogging on a cloud server that was confusingly charging me a thousand or more dollars a month to host the site.  He sort of fixed some things, then it all went wrong again when the site’s software demanded I update my databases.  What I have decided is that the host is not viable, and it must be changed.  I am going to migrate the site to an elite free speech hosting service, which is extremely expensive, but not a thousand dollars a month, which is obviously completely insane.

They do have a very expensive “setup cost,” I guess so that you prove you’re serious or whatever.  Fifteen-hundred euros, which is currently about fifteen-hundred dollars and 91 cents.  Then I have to pay the migration of the site, along with paying someone to fix these databases.  At the same time, I’ll have one more expensive bill to pay at the current server, but regular donations through the mail have been covering that.

On top of all of this, I also have to buy 400 grams of gourmet Spanish ham for my dinner this evening or I will collapse both physically and psychologically.

Jamon Iberico
Jamon Iberico

I am going to figure out a way to work this money situation out.  Some day.  It very often feels hopeless.

I am feeling very uncomfortable not doing my regular site work, and would rather get it workable now, then have some more downtime for the move and ultimate database fix when that happens.

I’ll do my best.

So, that’s about all I know.

If you know more, please tell us in the comments section.