What People on the Internet are Saying About Trump’s Hot New Policy Switch

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 7, 2017

I said I’d have my thoughts on this great new bizarre disaster this morning. That’s getting pushed back to this afternoon.

Let’s look at everyone else’s thoughts on it first.

The general reaction I’m seeing in comments sections – from the mob – looks like this:

Alex Jones is blaming the Chinese (srs). This video sucks.

Paul Joseph Watson has split with his boss and disavowed.

Lee Stranahan is blaming Ivanka.

Cernovich is saying Trump did it because GAS BABY MEME made him feel sad (which is the official story, I guess).

Bill Mitchell is shilling.

VDARE has disavowed.

Ann has disavowed.

Richard Spencer has disavowed, calling the attacks a betrayal.

I haven’t watched this.

These tweets are true:

Rick Wilson says the deep state beat Trump. He’s apparently bragging about this.

Here’s Molyneux. He’s having a difficult time too.

I already posted weev’s video, but here’s that again.

He’s the most optimistic of anyone I’ve seen so far.

Drudge Report readers apparently like this idea of a war with Syria to save GAS BABY MEME.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham are dancing around.

Ryan, everyone else pretty much is on-board.

The rat kikes are on-board in full.

Schumer and Schiff have voiced support, as has the Jew state of Israel.

Some of our kike media enemies, however, are claiming this is some sort of a trick by Trump to cover his Russia conspiracy (which is… interesting, actually).

Rand Paul is the only major government figure coming out against it.

Laura Ingram is against it, which is interesting because she was pro-Iraq.


Entire Alt-Right and far right hates this. Obviously.

Jews are very happy.

The mainstream cuckservatives probably like it, or don’t care.