When Animals Attack: “Don’t Make Me Take Off My Wig!” – RACE WAR on British Train!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2018

When people talk about the economic benefits of mass nigger immigration, they seem to forget to remember that it is also a whole lotta fun.

Especially on the trains.

Daily Mail:

This is the moment a reveller was brutally assaulted by a woman who accused her of throwing a sandwich at her on the way back from Notting Hill Carnival.

The incident happened on a train travelling from London to Birmingham on Monday night.

The victim and her male companion were approached by a woman asking the pair if they had chucked food at her.

When they denied the act, she told them: ‘Don’t make me take off my wig. I will punch you into next week!

A video published to Facebook has gone viral showing the woman violently punching the victim as a hooded man dived in to help, wrestling the second victim to the ground.

One of the alleged victims – a woman wearing a pineapple shirt – initially argued back to the woman.

In the video, the attacker then takes her wig off and grabs hold of the woman and repeatedly punches her in the head.

The alleged victim’s companion appears to try and pull the woman off when a hooded man intervenes.

The hooded male then jumped in – pulling the second victim into a headlock and wrestled him to the floor.

Yes. A random other black male jumped in to beat the white guy while the black female beat the woman.

That’s their culture, you see: if they see one of their own was hit with a sandwich, they will jump in and begin a double-assault.

This unique and vibrant approach to train disputes is something that white people will never be able to understand, because they have no culture.

TFW you realize how much your country is enriched by diversity.

There is so much that we could learn from them if we opened our hearts. But regrettably, the hearts of white people are too filled with virulent hatred for the color of the skin to ever open up and realize that black people are exactly the same as us in every way except they are not evil and have a uniquely vibrant heritage.

Even after everything that Hitler done did, they’ve learned nothing, these whites.

It’s time we had a serious conversation about deporting white people from the UK.

They really are nothing but trouble.