When Popes Attack: Lunatic “Anal Pope” Goes Buckwild and Attacks Pilgrim Who Tried to Shake His Hand

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2020

“Pope” Francis is known for promoting anal sex, atheism and mass Islamic immigration. He’s also celebrated for covering for the homosexual cult which has infiltrated and controls most of the Catholic Church.

However, up until now, he has kept his cool, and not let the mask slip to reveal his truly satanic nature.

But the mask has slipped.

While greeting a crowd in St. Peter’s Square on Tuesday, the “pope” attacked a woman for touching him (something that you’re supposed to do when you meet the pope).

He was touching everyone as he walked through the square in Vatican City, and an Asian woman grabbed his hand. Yes, it might have been rude, but it is a serious experience for a lot of people to meet the pope, and he should have been understanding and simply pulled back his arm.

Instead, he went full-on buckwild and started attacking the poor mongoloid woman. He literally started hitting her.

He then turned away, looking fully satanic in the face.

Catholics should be rising up and stating that this is not the pope and that they will not tolerate this fake pope.

Instead, no one is doing anything. He is allowed to promote anal sex, immigration and atheism while attacking innocent Asiatic women on the streets of Vatican City.

I hope this woman presses assault charges against this evil, evil man.

And here’s the bonus slice of irony, which we will never forget:

After beating that poor chink, the evil anti-pope gave a speech endorsing feminism, said he wants more women in control of everything, and said that “violence against women” is like “profaning God.”