While His Fat Man Starts a War, Donald Kushner Meets with the Man Who Would be King of the Whales

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2019

I make typos, you make typos. Neither of us is the President of the United States.

Furthermore: I don’t think that’s a typo. I think he thought that’s how you spell “Wales.”

Maybe he used to know how to spell “Wales” before he went senile, maybe he didn’t.

I used to defend these sorts of things, or just laugh.

I actually did laugh when he fist-bumped the Queen, because that is bloody hilarious.

But this orange individual’s utter and complete lack of seriousness is becoming increasingly intolerable.

While he was mocking both himself and the world by talking about a Whale Prince, his Jews and his fat man were staging a fake attack on a Japanese boat as part of a project to launch an insane war of aggression against a country five times the size of Iraq.

And even that is a bungled retard job.

What kind of sense does it make that Iran would invite the Prime Minister of Japan to their country, and then bomb one of their ships during the meeting?

This is the first Japanese official visit to Iran in over 40 years, and it is also the closest Iran has been to collapsing in the entire history of the Islamic regime. Yet Donald Kushner’s fatman expects us to believe they decided to bomb their ships during the meeting?

He must think we’re as stupid as he is fat.

Because just try to imagine for a minute what this meeting would look like.

Javid Zariff: Supreme Leader, by the grace of Allah the Japanese have accepted our invitation to discuss reducing Western pressure and reopening trade. The Prime Minister will be coming to meet with you on June 13th.

Ayatollah Khamenei: Excellent. Prepare the torpedoes. We will shoot their ships during the meeting. This will truly show the Japanese that Allah rules the seas.

Javid Zariff: Absolutely brilliant plan, Supreme Leader. It is time that the Japanese learned a lesson. Their perverse cartoons are a blight upon the television screens of Allah’s earth.

Ayatollah Khamenei: Prideful Japan should have known better than to agree to a meeting with the servants of Allah most merciful, peace be upon him.

Javid Zariff: Soon, Japan will finally fall to the will of Allah.

Ayatollah Khamenei: ALLAHU AKBAR!

Javid Zariff: ALLAHU AKBAR!

Mike Pompeo thinks that we think all Moslems are comic book villains.

And not modern comic book villains who have motivations. But the old-style comic book villains from when comic books were made for actual small children – they were just evil for no reason.

In real life, if Iran were going to torpedo Japanese ships – because of some inexplicable anti-Japanese agenda – why would they first invite Japan to a meeting?

To make it look they didn’t do it?

But if everyone knows they did it – it’s so obvious that Mike Pompeo says they don’t even need evidence – then why would they make an attempt to make it look like they didn’t do it?

They would obviously know that America would blame them.

Basically, the only way that the story could possibly make any sense is if Iran did it to make it look like the US did it as a false flag. A double false flag.

But that still would make no sense, because no one on earth is going to dare call out Mike Pompeo for this hoax, just like no one called him out on his eating patterns which led to a chronic endocrine disorder.

Talk about a Prince of Whales – WOW.

It’s no wonder Pompeo is wrangling Japan into his evil scheme.

This guy has had a vendetta against the Japs ever since they tried to harpoon him in what many called “the most genuinely honest mistake in all of history.”