WHITE CLOCK Ticking: Eddie Murphy Expecting his 10th Child at Age 57, 2nd with Coal Burner Paige Butcher

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2018

Tick tock.

10 niglets!

The Sun:

The Shrek Star, 57, and his long-term girlfriend Paige Butcher, 39, will welcome another baby into the world in December following the birth of his ninth child, Izzy Oona Murphy, in 2016.

Men can have healthy children well into their old age, provided a young enough woman is the mother.

In this case, Paige Butcher is past her time and chances of birth defects and diseases increase a lot. It’s amazing she’s still fertile, really.

At the point she’s at though, it’s certainly a gamble.

Women are not happy with this truth. They are jealous of this actual male privilege and want to level the playing field by shaming men into dating in their “age-appropriate” bracket, which means women the same age as them or older.

Preferably older.

Of course they’d want that.

Daddy Day Care actor Eddie already has Bria, 28, Miles, 25, Shayne, 23, Zola, 18, and Bella, 16, with ex-wife Nicole Murphy, who he split from in 2006 after 22 years of marriage.

He also has 29-year-old son Eric, with Paulette McNeely, as well as a son Christian, 27, with Tamara Hood, and 11-year-old daughter Angel with Spice Girl Mel B.

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best looking family in #america

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Eddie has not been wasting much time.

Let’s get something out of the way first: he’s a nigger. Okay? But he’s less of a nigger than most niggers.

He’s a funny nigger.

The point is that him having lots of kids is not a bad thing by itself. It’s actually a great play.

Sure, it’s not good for white people, the ones America really belongs to, you know, the ones who created it. But for niggers, that’s a great move. Really, it’s what we should be doing instead of sperging about muh career while having one kid or none at all.

Does it matter how much money you have if you have no kids and don’t plan on having any?

Jews have been great at inculcating the hedonistic “lol just enjoy life m8” mindset. It’s yet another attack vector they use to reduce white population and keep hu-whitey in check.

The whole “muh overpopulation” thing is always about white people. Mudmanoids just don’t care about the planet or anyone really, they keep making as many muddies as they can, for as long as they can.

They try to make it sound like you’re doing a service to Earth by not having kids because you’re somehow guilty of everything wrong with niggers and other mudmanoids because you gave them medicine, science, technology, cars, transportation, knowledge, food, and pretty much everything they enjoy now, in some sort of even more ridiculous it’s her turn reasoning.

The nosemachine has made people think of children as a curse instead of as the blessing they are, and thus, allowed for the mass sacrifice of babies to Moloch through abortions, which strengthens the Jew, satanic by nature, even further.

However, he previously said his kids are the “brightest part” of his life.

He told Entertainment Tonight in 2016: “The brightest part of my life is my kids. “My world revolves around them — even the old, grey bald ones.”

You see, not everyone has been tricked into murdering their children. Niggie here views them as the blessing they really are, and his life has been made better because of it.

Twenty years from now, he’ll be looking at his grandchildren on a Sunday family reunion, looking at his own children and the big, healthy family he started thanks to huwhitey’s guilt, and smile.

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He’ll smile as infinity niglets take over what was once huwhitey’s, as his kin take over paradise.

… and his smile will last until huwhitey is no more, and he sees the world for what it really is without light.

The abyss the likes of him carry within them, let loose. The cage of light broken, dissolved, and Earth swallowed by melanin clouds as the last city light gets through the lenses of forever lost satellites, one last time.

Unless you do something about it.

Someone has to make this.