White Grandmother Dies Defending Her Home From a Pack of Blacks

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
July 27, 2019

Diane Ferguson Ballard.

What happened here isn’t entirely clear.

It sounds like the grandmother was living with a drug dealer (maybe a family member or tenant) who invited the blacks into her home to sell them drugs.

If so, that person is 100% responsible for her death.


Madison County authorities arrested two people on Thursday in connection with the shooting death of an Ardmore woman, and said a third suspect turned himself in later that day.

Khalib Holden, 18, Adrian Miguel Lopez, 18, and Quintin Sincere Courtney, 20, were all arrested in connection with the murder of Diane Ferguson Ballard, 72. They’re each charged with capital murder and first-degree robbery.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office said Friday afternoon that Ballard was killed during a fight that happened during a drug transaction.

Holden, Lopez and Courtney had gone to the home to buy drugs, the sheriff’s office said. While they were there, an altercation occurred between the three men and another person in the house and shots were fired. Ballard was hit by a bullet, they said.

The murder happened at the home of Diane Ferguson Ballard, 72, on Elkwood Section Road near Ardmore early Tuesday morning. Ballard’s family didn’t wish to appear on camera, but tells WHNT News 19 Diane was home with her grandson when they say four people broke in. They say Diane died defending her home.

Another report confirms that the three suspects are jiggy wiggies:

The three suspects are:

* Khalib Holden, 18, a 6’1” 140-pound black male

* Adrian Miguel Lopez, 18, a 6-foot 145-pound black male

* Quintin Sincere Courtney, 20, a 5’11” 175-pound black male